10Markets Broker Review

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10Markets.com Review

The 10Markets website now says.

10Markets has terminated its operations through its website 10Markets.com.

For any clarifications you may contact us at [email protected]

June 2020: WARNING: The FPA has seen evidence of 10Markets demanding that a review complaining about a withdrawal issue be removed before the withdrawal would be paid. Even when this was done, the client reports that 10Markets.com did not pay the money owed. The FPA recommends EXTREME CAUTION dealing with 10 Markets.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Consumer Reviews

THE CASE WITH Gidon Shumon and Nikita Snigerev is in the process of being resolved.
The Case against 10 Markets continues.

Jan 7, 2020 – 3 Stars Today I received further part payment for my Bitcoin “mis appropriation of funds” I have therefore agreed to say this and to say that at the moment they have been correct. I will let you know when everything is received back into the account.
Nothing has been agreed with Europefx to date, just Gidon Shumon.
I am meant to be paid back in full by May. I will let you know.
Thank you for your help and all those that contributed to a resolution.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
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    Trustful broker.

Aug 20, 2020 – 1 Star Check out my reviews on EuropeFX they are not to be trusted. I started there and they took 40,000 and then moved to EuropeFX were the experts promised large amounts.
I printed this on the other review
Dear Mr Lem,
Would you be so kind to specify exactly what you consider to be defamatory. The blog has been fact and source checked, including the nature of the relationship between Roy Almagor and the alleged fraudster Lee Elbaz, and has been updated accordingly.
Johan Eliasch

According to Mr Lem, Roy Almagor, the owner of Maxiflex and the license holder on behalf of EuropeFx, is threatening to sue me for expressing my right to freedom of speech – saying that I am “blackmailing” him – when I am simply telling the truth.
In the latest conversation with Mr Lem , we inquired about Ben Givon. Ben Givon is not actively involved by name in any company that operates the EuropeFx/Maxiflex operating structure. EuropeFx – at the time – was operated by Batchimo Limited – owned and operated by Yarel Keha. So who is Ben Givon? According to a EuropeFx employee, Ben Givon is business partners with Nir Weissman, the son of Meni Weissman, the owner of Browns Hotels. Nir Weissman is supposedly a co shareholder of Ben Givon. Then there is Roten Shemesh who is Nir Weissman’s alleged right hand man.
So the pertinent question to ask is why did Mr Lem state that Ben Givon was the owner of this structure & then refused to say exactly what company he owned and why. Givon operates Antelope Systems Limited – a CRM provider for EuropeFx. CRM is a service provided to a company. It does not mean you own the company you provide a service to. However, Mr Lem stated that Ben Givon was the “owner” when asked who Ben Givon was and what he did. Why does this matter?
It matters because arguably, the EuropeFx/Maxiflex structure gives the impression that EuropeFx is an impartial broker that makes money solely on commission, implying that EuropeFx make money when you do well. This is a false premise. If Givon is the owner as Mr Lem described – then the swap charges and the equity of the client are all collected in the same place – not partitioned as advertised – i.e commission to EuropeFx and Swaps to Maxiflex. This means EuropeFx is not impartial – since there is more money to be gained on swap charges than commissions. Since you can change the swap charges by changing the terms and conditions if you are the license holder of this structure. Maxiflex is the license holder. Meaning it is in the interest of the owner of EuropeFx/Maxiflex for the client to lose because they will make more money by changing the terms and conditions aka “Swap Charges” than a set commission rate. The “swap charges” make it look like the client has lost because of their own poor trading decisions instead of a pre-determined calculated decision taken by the EuropeFx/Maxiflex ownership structure to sabotage a clients trading positions in order to take their trading balance.
There is no distinction between EuropeFx and Maxiflex – they are simply storefronts for the same scheme. In my case, they advised me to put as much of my money into this structure by promising large profits. They then changed my terms of conditions without informing me – which is illegal. Terms and conditions include swap charges. The swap charges on the positions that were given to me by Yarel Keha – AKA “Gabriel” – were the swap charges that ultimately destroyed my trading balance. EuropeFx then removed all liability from this – by stating they do not receive any of the swap charges. But they do – since Ben Givon owns this structure. Why would a high level employee – such as a client relations manager – someone who deals with legal disputes – disclose the owner and lie about it. Every person on earth who works for somebody – knows – who they are working for. They know who their boss is. So there it is. Ben Givon is the real owner behind this structure. His other company BAFF Affiliate is also registered to the same Cyprus office address as EuropeFx. He then hid his “Whois” address for BAFF Affiliate to prevent us from finding out this information. Likewise he was formerly the director for the operating agent of the German tied agent SF Financial Services. CC markets also provides “CRM services”.
It is also worth noting that the two people I was dealing with used fake names to hide their identities, one of them was Yarel Keha AKA Gabriel.
I would also like to clarify that the source of the information that Roy Almagor was in a business relationship with the alleged fraudster Lee Elbaz, accused of a $145m fraud, is an employee of Batchimo Limited.

10Markets Broker Review

A relative newcomer to the world of binary options trading, 10Markets is a binary options broker which was established under UK jurisdiction in 2020 and which offers a user friendly and innovative way to access the financial markets. With several account options to suit the needs of a range of investors, 10Markets is a reputable and reliable choice for novices and experienced traders alike. If you are looking for your first binary options broker or are hoping to make a change, this 10Markets binary options broker review will help you to make an informed choice when it comes to selecting a broker that can meet all of your requirements.



10Markets Account Types and Trading Options

10Markets offer three different account types to cater for the needs of a broad spectrum of investors. Their Classic account is ideal for newcomers, requiring only a $200 minimum deposit. This account type also brings with it the benefit of an account manager as well as limited access to the site’s tutorial videos. Those who are ready to make a larger financial commitment can open a Standard account with a deposit of $2500. This will allow access to additional assets as well as a dedicated account manager and unrestricted access to 10Markets’ educational resources and videos. The Premium account with its minimum deposit requirement of $20,000 gives all of the advantages of the other two accounts together with full access to all of the broker’s tradable assets. There is also the option of opening a Tailor Made account which is geared to the individual specifications of each customer. There are several different option types including traditional High/Low options, One Touch, Range Options and 60 Second options for those who enjoy fast paced trading. Early close of options is allowed in order to limit risk and there are plenty of expiry time options to select from, from as little as 30 or 60 seconds right up to End of Week. Those who wish to try out the 10Markets trading platform can also access a free demonstration account.

10Markets Trading Platform

The 10Markets trading platform is extremely diverse and able to cater to the individual needs of customers. Traders choosing this broker have access to Forex and CFDs trading as well as binary options through the multi-tiered unique trading platform and there is also the possibility of using the broker through mobile devices. The control panel is well designed and intuitive, having been provided by Panda TS, and has a user friendly and clear layout with graphs displayed centrally on the page. Options can be chosen from the list on the left of the homepage and at the bottom of the page, latest trades and current gains are displayed. There are 6 different stocks, a choice of 6 indices, four commodities and 24 different currency pairs to select from on the trading platform, giving enough choice for even an experienced trader. The trading platform also offers a good range of financial analytical tools including an economic and financial calculator. There are also excellent advanced tools for the management of portfolios and a current market clock.

10Markets Customer Support and Deposit and Withdrawal Options

10Markets offer a range of support methods by which traders can contact the customer services team, however the hours are limited to weekdays and office hours between 10am and 6pm London time. This leaves customers unable to access support at the weekends or evenings, which is not ideal when compared to many of this broker’s rivals. There is, however, a choice of contact methods including an online webform and email address, a customer service telephone hotline and a convenient online live chat facility for rapid responses. Three languages are available on the website – English, Arabic and Russian.

When compared to some rival binary options brokers, 10Markets does have a more limited range of ways in which deposits can be made. This broker only accepts deposits through the more traditional banking methods such as bank wire transfer and classic MasterCards and Visas and do not yet accept the popular modern e-Wallet methods, which could be a drawback for those who favour these options. Minimum trade values are set at $10, with a minimum deposit amount set at $200. This makes this broker a good choice for novices as the amounts are among the lowest in the industry. The withdrawal procedure with 10Markets is a little more complicated than that required by several other binary options brokers as the form must be completed and scanned before being submitted with the specified documents. This means that the process can take between two and five days to reach completion. There is also a minimum deposit amount which is set at $100, however there are no fees charged for withdrawals. 10Markets accounts are accessible in a choice of currencies – Euros, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling.

Overall, 10Markets have a lot to offer both experienced and novice traders thanks to their choice of account types catering to the needs of a range of investors. There are however some drawbacks to choosing this broker, not the least of which being their limited customer service support hours and the lack of choice in deposit and withdrawal methods. The limits imposed upon withdrawals may also be a drawback, especially for those who are newcomers to trading and who are only trading small sums in order to gain a greater understanding of the markets.


  • Company 10Markets
  • Founded in 2020
  • Offices in
  • CashU
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Wire transfer
  • Euro
  • United States dollar
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Account Types:

  • Minimum account size $200
  • Maximum account size $2,500
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Fixed
  • Spread on EUR/USD, pips 3
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
  • MetaTrader 4
  • Hedging
  • Trailing stop
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Automated trading
  • Forex 1:200
  • 2020-05-08 First listed on EarnForex.com.
  • 2020-02-28 10Markets has decided to proceed with the termination of its operations through its website.
  • Minimum account size $10,000
  • Maximum account size $50,000
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 1.8
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.4
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
  • MetaTrader 4


91 reviews of 10Markets are presented here. All reviews represent only their author’s opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

Prices are very competitive, tools just kick butt. and there are so many ways to use those tools, so, if you are a beginner, and have the patience to look through dozens and dozens of menus and more dozens of options within them, you are in for a great surprise.

I have more than one broker, but I have to admit that 10markets really great Broker.

I am happy with their service, and I highly recommend 10markets to everyone.

10Markets is not the cheapest broker out there if you make a ton of trades like I do, but they are very reliable. The platform and charts are top of the line and you don’t have to worry about crashes and things you have to worry about with other discount brokers.

Would be able to give 5 stars if commissions were cheaper, but I have been using them for 2 years and that is the only complaint I have.

Customer service is almost always available with little or no hold time.

My personal broker very professional and very help me.

Recommend to everyone.

10Markets is a solid reliable broker, but I wouldn’t use them if you are an active trader as their commission rates are too high for active trading. A good broker for forex and binary trading. They have a great platform. I like that you can have both a brokerage and checking account with them and can transfer money between the 2 accounts.Great Recommendation

I’m having an issue with my withdrawal from 20/12/2020.

So far I have received 250 GBP only.

10Markets are refusing to pay remaining balance of 15100.94 GBP on my account.

After contacting 10Markets on Live Chat I have been told that my account is under investigation.

When I asked why I was not informed about any delays or how long will it take and whom shall I contact regarding the matter no straight answers were given and the chat was ended by 10Markets. Furthermore the chat function disappeared completely. Tried to logon to my account and received an error message although prior to our conversation it was ok. To my surprise on my other device the chat was working just fine. So I tried to contact 10Markets again, but they ended and disabled the chat one more time.

In my last email I asked 10Markets to settle my account within next seven days by 13th of January 2020 (Ticket #VEWQ1). No response from the company.

After reading these comments:

It seems 10Markets are doing this to a large number of people.

Please see screenshots of my experience:

On one of the forms 10Markets displays London address 16 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0BS.

Phoned building receptionist today and they informed me that neither 10Markets nor Whitestone Securities Limited, Vanuatu FSC License No. 14692 have never had premises there and they have had quite a few enquiries recently.

I’m from Norway and I’ve trading with 10Markets for 1 year. It is my favorite broker, the customer service is the best especially for people from other countries,fast and professional. They quickly resolve my question and even sent me a confirmation email after our conversation is finish.

10markets is great if you are traveling oversea and need to speak with their representatives since they have offices all over the world.

Just recently opened an account and I like what I see. I’ve used others binary companies but I think this will be my main broker. They allow stop orders for penny stocks and there graphs and mobile apps are great. The website layout is alot better and simpler to use than choice trade. Thank you and good luck!

I started to trade first time in October with a small amount with Malcolm Brown. We trade with Binary. We had a good and bad trades as well. My money was was goes down, maybe I was not lucky, than I meet with Danny Morgan. I can say, from November till this time he he helped me to increase my balance to triple. Now I have to take out a small amount from my account, but I wish to put more to grow my balance up. Thank you Danny Morgan, 10Markets for the opportunity.

I have no complaints with 10markets only praise, their online platform is great, ultra user friendly and you can trade both forex and binary options on 1 platform.

As one of online brokers they do their best to continually update and improve resulting in a powerful suite of browser based analysis tools. I personally like that their news feeds have the option to include twitter feeds also. My friend and I both opened up accounts at the same time but he decided to go with other broker and this has resulted in a good comparative study. He seems to have a lot of issues with their platform and customer service, my account was opened much quicker and the money deposited well before him. He is now switching to 10markets, need I say more. Well one last thing, for beginners the paper trading account is the best out there and you have nothing to loose in trying it out.

Good and fast service,and if you like low fees it’s great. That is what I care about most. The trading platform is not very high tech, not beautiful, but the prices are good and I get surprisingly good fills on the trades I execute.

I’m also an 10Markets customer from Cyprus – and so far I’ve liked it. When I am a more experienced trader I may look to move, but for my first real options broker, these guys have been good.

I’ve been very happy with the education and execution.

Their customer service has been fabulous! As a newer trader learning the ropes, this has been extremely valuable to me.

I’m also a 10Markets customer from Belgium – and so far I’ve liked it. When I am a more experienced trader I may look to move, but for my first real options broker and forex, these guys have been great.They do have some good tools on the web site.

I’ve been very happy with the education and execution.

Their customer service has been fabulous! As a newer trader learning the ropes, this has been extremely valuable to me. I could have spent a couple of hundred dollars less in commissions with another broker, but the help I have gotten from 10M’s support crew has saved me more than that. Even simple things like using online chat support to help walk me through my first trades and has been great – instantly available on evenings and weekends and got me going immediately. You can’t ask for better support.

I may grow out of this brokerage some day, but right now I am happy and they have been a very good choice for my first options brokerage.

I’ve been with 10Markets for about the last 2 years or so.

Certain tools are crucial for my analysis as spread trader, and some things are personal preference (cosmetic). 10Markets tools are great.

They have also added past earnings to their streaming charts, which is very helpful for a quick snapshot of past reactions if you don’t already have the historical data. I’m not a big fan of the charts themselves, but that’s personal preference. I do still use them, but have another charting service that I rely on.

If you are trading 1-2 contracts, the commissions aren’t great. However, 10+ and they are very reasonable. Further, dependent upon your account size and trade frequency, you can negotiate your own rate .

All in all, great platform, great tools, and great support. Make sure to check out their Virtual Trading platform too. great for practicing the strategies as you learn and tweak them!

I have tried 10market and I have mixed feelings.

Easy to understand system, very straightforward, commissions are not as pricey as other company.

I am an options and stock intraday day trader and I noticed that their system wasn’t too friendly or too suiting for my trading style, easy to understand system but yet too many buttons which slowed me down considerably, anytime I exited a trade I had to wait several days to access my money because I had to allow my account to settle.

I would say in my opinion, that 10market is a great brokerage for individuals who are holding for the long term, it seems to cater more to them, than the short term day traders like me.

from Miss Julia S.

We continue to date 27/10/2020 with the inability to make withdrawals, with any other promise made by Mr. Burg, but without effect. From 25/08/2020 when I put the ticket tt8527, 14/09/2020 tt9031, 16/09/2020 tt9079 ticket requesting reimbursement of funds, calling for cancellation of the credit and asking for the unjustified account unlocking, respectively, have no solutions to these tickets, or numerous contacts with live chat. My €41.489,14 are blocked and not let me remove them. Mr. Michael Burg asked me to not make bad reviews but does not solve the problems.

A greeting and I hope that they solve these problems as soon as possible. At the moment no I can advise anyone to work with 10Markets. If you don’t want to pass you the same.

10MArkets is a good, trusted broker – good trading platform – regulation company

Overall, I like 10markets.

I trade in that account in addition to my other brokerage accounts.

The trading platform is simple and easy to use. some of the trades I did at market were slow, but an e-mail to customer service got them refunded.

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