Alpari Binary Options Broker Review

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Alpari Archive Review

Better known as an online forex platform, Alpari have recently ventured into the world of binary trading. Now apart from being able to trade forex and CFDs, traders can now also try their hand at binary trading with this award winning broker. The binary offerings were made possible through a partnership agreement between Alpari and Binary Products Ltd to allow Alpari traders access to this exciting line of products. Trading of binary options is done on a MarketsPulse powered trading platform, a leading independent provider of online binary trading platforms.

The Trading Platform

At first glance, the Alpari Binary platform is looks really crisp. The interface is well designed with all relevant trading information on hand. Prices are quoted with five decimal places with the last three digits significantly enlarged to emphasize their importance. We all know how easy to miss changes in prices when everything is denoted with small numberings. By doing this, Alpari help to ensure that traders don’t trade by mistakes as prices are constantly being updated in real time.

The trading platform can also be displayed in different layouts. However, Alpari binary trading platform is one up from all the rest as they also provide a layout which can display up to 16 assets at one time! So far, only Alpari has this type of layout format.

Actual trading is also fast and efficient with minimal number of steps required. Once a trader has decided to trade, a separate window will pop up on the screen requiring the trader to “Apply” or “Cancel”. Again, this helps to avoid accidental trades.

There are two main types of trading contracts offered by Alpari, High/Low options and Pair trading.

Although the trading types are rather limited here, this type of options can be traded with different expiry time frames. Time frames can be based on:

This is a relatively new type of binary trading that is currently offered by just a handful of binary brokers in the industry. The idea is to pit one asset against another and see which one wins.

For existing clients of Alpari UK, they can just activate the binary trading account through their “MyAlpari” dashboard. New clients however, have to go through a different process. They have to first fill out an application form and submit it to Alpari. Upon submission, the new client will be given access to the MyAlpari account management tool where supporting documents can be uploaded to. Upon verification of the documents, traders will be advised of their account number, login and password by Alpari.

Take note that the minimum initial deposit needed is $/£/€/A$/S₣100 or ¥10,000.

On average, the payouts offered by Alpari are around 80%. At present, there is no mention of any rebates for out-of-the-money trades.

Currently, Alpari have 50 underlying assets for traders to choose from. They include 10 types of commodities, 16 types of currency pairs and 24 types of indices.

  • CORN
  • GOLD
  • OIL
  • SUGAR NO 11
  • ASX
  • CAC
  • DAX
  • DOW
  • FTSE
  • IBEX
  • RTS
  • S&P
  • SMI
  • SSE
  • VIX

Alpari has always been known for its top notch customer support. With their binary platform, the quality of service is no different. To reach the support team, traders can do so by:

Do take note that the service is only available from 07:00-22:00 (UK time) Mon-Fri. Only the forex dealing desk has 24/6 service.

Having established a reputation as being a credible and trustworthy forex broker, traders should have no concerns about dealing with Alpari. In addition, trades can take comfort knowing that Alpari UK is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This mean they have to meet with strict regulatory requirements to operate from the UK.

  • Award Winning Broker
  • Expert Support
  • Free Education
  • Global Broker
  • Protected Funds
  • Asset Index should be expanded
  • Limited trade types

Alpari has always strived to provide the highest quality of service to their clients. Although they are new to the binary trading scene, their corporate philosophy has never changed. This is apparent from the way they conducted their business even with this new platform. In my opinion, it’s good to be able to trade binaries with a leading long established broker like Alpari.

Alpari – review of leading binary options, forex and PAMM all in one super reliable trading platform

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Many well-known analysts believe that the Forex market has become the main stimulus for the development of online trading, as well as a rapid increase in the number of brokers and traders in the global financial market. The former provide access to financial assets, while the latter earn them. The convincing proof of this statement is one of the oldest not only in the CIS, but all over the world, the online trading platform Alpari, which began its activity as a forex broker (!), Gradually increasing the number of services provided. Even today, the foreign exchange market is one of the priority activities of most well-known brokers.

Forex, in fact, is the largest financial market in the world. And this, testifies to the fact that it is this trading platform is choose of millions of traders day by day. Therefore, you should pay attention to the Alpari that provides excellent services for trading on Forex.

Alpari has managed to conquer of the Forex market since it was founded in 1998. Currently Alpari remains at the peak of his popularity for quite a long time and is a leader in the various Forex brokers ratings.В Also Alpari is a frequent sponsor and partner of the sports and charity events.

Today Alpari is the world’s leading brand, which successfully offers its services to work with financial markets for 18 years. It unites several companies at once, thereby providing access to the international interbank currency market all around the world – Europe, Asia, the USA and New Zealand.

Currenex and Integral are the main liquidity providers of Alpari. Moreover, the clients lists of these liquidity providers accommodates Bank of America, Bank Paribas, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Sucden Financial, UBS and others.

Therefore, Alpari is a very popular platform, which is evidenced by the its work with millions of clients from 150 countries. It is truly the largest Forex broker, in terms of the number of its customers and the volume of trading operations. The status of Alpari is defined as the “Largest MetaTrader-broker”.

The process of trading with Alpari is represented by Internet trading, as well as the execution of trade orders by phone. Trader is offered to open the following types of accounts: Alpari.binary, Nano.mt4, Standard.mt4, Ecn.mt4, Pro.Ecn.mt4, Ecn.mt5, Pamm.standard.mt4, Pamm.ecn.mt4, Pamm.ecn.mt5,

All the above information indicates that the considered trading floor is a reliable and time-tested project (20 years is a participant in the global financial market). But, despite the convincing facts, the network often meets reviews and comments, the authors of which argue that the resource Alpari is created to deceive honest traders. If you still have doubts about this, be sure to study the full description of the trading platform, and pay special attention to organizations that control the activities of the broker.

Regulators of Forex broker Alpari

The availability of licenses and ensuring the regulation of the broker’s work are quite deservedly considered as one of the main indicators of the reliability of the trading platform, regardless of what opinions about it are posted on specialized web resources. The activities of Alpari are regulated by:

• Financial Futures Association of Japan (Japan).

• Cyprus Commission on Exchanges and Securities (CySEC – its license is valid in almost all European countries).

• The CFTC is an American government commission and the NFA is a self-regulatory organization in the field of finance (the US, few brokers can “boast” of providing services to users from states).

• Dubai Multi Commodities Center (UAE).

• ALPARI NZ LIMITED (New Zealand).

The aforementioned organizations not only help to resolve disputed situations between participants in online trading, they also provide a guarantee for traders in terms of fulfilling their financial obligations by brokers.

The main trading conditions and opportunities of Alpari

Anyone who has decided to register an account on the submitted trading platform must first examine the following information about Alpari:


Trading platform – BinaryTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

Minimum deposit – none

Demo account – YES

Trading instruments – 75 options: currency pairs, binary options, spot metals and CFD for oil

Investing – Structured products, PAMM-accounts, PAMM-portfolios and investment funds

Credit leverage – maximum 1: 1000

Deposit and withdrawal of funds – bank transfers, plastic cards, internal transfers, payment terminals and systems

Minimum transaction size – no restrictions.

Account currencies are Russian ruble, euro and US dollar.

There is an affiliate program.

Alpari Review

Once again, we have a big broker to review. Alpari is a company with almost two decades of experience in the trading business, which started out as a forex broker, but today offers a variety of investment opportunities to people from all over the world.

This really is a partner worthy of your attention with loads of features, bonuses and many other interesting details.

However, we are aware that not all traders are the same and that different people have different preferences. That’s why our team has composed this Alpari review so that you can analyze the offer in peace and then decide if you want to trade with these people.

Read on and see what is the secret of this broker’s success.

– excellent trading platforms

– offers both forex and binary options

– loads of (very creative) ways to get bonuses

– a huge amount of competitions

– exactly one dozen account types

– present around the world

– fees concerning both deposits and withdrawls

Loads of Alpari account types

Alpari login is the first thing you have to complete if you want to trade here, provided that you already have an account, of course. If you don’t have one, though, you can set everything up in just a minute or two and be on your way. But this is where you have to make a choice and choose the right Alpari account type, which is where the first pleasant surprise is hidden. You see, the number of account types you can choose from is absolutely huge, but they can be separated into two main categories – individual trading accounts and PAMM accounts.
We’ll talk about the latter in the next paragraph of this Alpari review, so let’s see what do standard account types offer. There are six of them in total, spread out across two platforms the broker has (that too will be discussed later, naturally). First, you have the Nano account where you can only trade in cents, so you are quite safe from any losses, but can still enjoy the live market to the fullest. The Alpari leverage here is fixed and stands at 1:500. The other account types are divided into standard and ecn accounts, with the minimum deposit ranging from 100$ to 500$. Alpari leverage in these cases is floating and ranges from 1:1000 to 1:10. The selection of available assets also varies depending on the account type you choose, as does the spread (from a fixed 2.0 for Nano to floating from 0.3, 0.1 and 0 for the other ones). These Alpari account types also give you the chance to choose between instant and market execution and much, much more. In addition, Muslim traders can make a request to turn their account into a swap free account if they want to trade in strict accordance with their religion. But we mustn’t forget about the second type of accounts you can choose. Stay with us and prepare for many more interesting facts.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
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    Trustful broker.

Alpari Account Creation

Alpari PAMM accounts

Now we get to the Alpari PAMM accounts. There are five of them in total (mind you, that is a staggering number of 11 account types altogether), again spread out across two platforms. Depending on whether they are public or private accounts, the lowest manager’s capital requirement will be different if you go for the standard version of the account (300$ vs. 100$), whereas there is no difference for other accounts (300$ and 500$, depending which ecn account you choose). In all cases here the leverage is again floating between 1:1000 and 1:10, with the minimum investment amount always being 10 USD. Again, there will be some differences in available assets between standard and ecn accounts, but we think that in both cases you have a pretty decent selection. You can also use the so called Stop Out feature which will automatically close your trade once it reaches a certain level. As you can see, Alpari PAMM accounts are well equipped and offer you a great way to approach trading from a slightly different perspective. For those of you who don’t know, PAMM accounts allow you to essentially advertise your trading skills and use your knowledge to manage other people’s investment or you can simply be the one whose funds are managed and look for a skilled trader to do the investing for you. Unlike independent accounts, these cannot become swap-free, though. In any case, it’s a great option to have, but we’re still not done with examining accounts here. The next part of our Alpari broker review has even more.

Alpari PAMM Account

Yes, there is an Alpari demo account on top of that

No serious broker can afford to leave its clients without a demo account and the same goes for this company. Alpari demo account is a great solution if you want to check things out without any financial risk because it offers everything a real account has. You can fully explore both platforms, see how various orders work, check out all the indicators (more than 50 of them are at your disposal) etc. Keep in mind, however, that this feature is only available for independent accounts, not for PAMM accounts. Alpari demo account is also great in combination with this broker’s investment academy because it allows you to put the knowledge you receive there to practice and build your trading strategy.
But there is also one very special feature this demo account offers, and that is the possibility to actually win some money with it. You see, the broker regularly holds contests for demo account holders where you can win up to 500 USD! But even if you don’t come in first, you can still win something because the first 30 traders will actually get rewarded. Something like this is pretty rare in the trading industry, so we suggest you take full advantage of this possibility. All you need to do to participate is open a demo account and sign up for the contest. The process is pretty much the same as standard Alpari login, plus you don’t need any deposits to activate the demo. Everything is completely free! With the accounts finally out of the way, the focus of this Alpari broker review will move to the trading platforms. Like we said before, here are two of them, and we will start things out with the more famous one. Stay tuned!

Alpari Demo Account Registration

Alpari MT4 – a version of the classic

Alpari forex trading is done on two Metatrader platforms. This brand of trading software really needs no further introduction, as it is globally considered to be the best solution for this kind of thing. However, the earlier version is somewhat of a classic in the trading world, so we had to tackle that first.
Alpari mt4 can be downloaded to your computer, but it can also be accessed via web browser whenever you like, regardless of which operating system you have installed. The reliability of this platform cannot be overstated, as millions of people across the world use it every single day. It has loads of indicators that are built in directly into it, and you can come up with one of your own if none of them suit you. However, Alpari mt4 will provide you with some pretty interesting features, too. For example, you can copy other traders or provide your own signals for which you can even get a reward. But that’s not all, because what Alpari has done for its clients is provide them with a free copy of Autochartist, an analytical program designed to help you analyse all the data coming your way. The same goes for Trading Central – simply create your account, complete the login and you will be able to access predictions from this prestigious market research provider completely free! And all that is just for Alpari mt4. Wait ‘till you see what its younger brother has to offer.

Alpari MT5 – even more options

Yes, the Alpari mt5 platform also deserves a place of its own in this Alpari broker review. When it comes to accessibility, everything is pretty much the same here: you can download it or access it from your internet browser, no matter what your computer runs on. There are also some notable differences, though.
For example, Alpari mt5 comes with its own strategy tester and more timeframes. It also offers the possibility to place Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit orders, which allows you to manage your trades in advance and prevent unnecessary losses even while you’re not around. What is also very interesting to note is the fact that the liquidity here is always very high because you have access to MT5 Bridge technology. This allows you to benefit from interbank liquidity. Here too you can create your own indicators, but there is also a huge library of premade indicators to choose from. All in all, you can’t go wrong if you choose Alpari mt5 as your trading platform, although traders (not just here but in general) seem to prefer the older version at the moment. Nevertheless, this is a great way to trade, but we’re still not done with the platforms you can opt for on this website. Continue with our Alpari review and learn about another type of trading at your disposal.

How about Alpari binary options?

Yes, Alpari binary options are also a part of this company’s offer. This kind of trading is conducted on the BinaryTrader platform, and we have to say that it works perfectly. In this case, there is nothing for you to download – all you need to do is complete your Alpari login and access the platform in a couple of clicks and that’s it. Simple, right?
But that’s just the beginning of it because the minimum trade here is only one dollar, which makes Alpari binary options accessible to literally everyone. You can invest up to 5000$ per trade, and depending on the type of trade you open (Call/Put, Range, Spread, and Touch are the trading modes here) your payout can go up to 100%. What is important to note is that if your trading volume reaches 5000$ per week, you will be promoted to the Pro status, which brings some interesting perks like increased payouts, for example. But perhaps the most important feature of Alpari binary options trading is the so-called Safe Trading Action or STA for short. This allows you to retain some of your funds even if your investment ends up out of the money. Each STA can be worth up to five dollars, but you can choose how many of them you want to use, and in the event of a loss you will receive its size as a payout. You can get STAs just for trading with this broker, but please keep in mind that they are only valid for 7 days. Still, this is a great option to have and can be a lifesaver in certain situations. With that, we have covered all platforms you have at your disposal on this website, but we also have to take a look at their mobile versions. Alpari broker review continues below, so don’t stop reading!

Trade on the go with Alpari apps

Ah yes, mobile trading. Something more and more people are using these days. Each of the platforms we analyzed in this article has its mobile version, so let’s see what they have to offer.
We will first take a look at the Alpari apps concerning the Metatrader platforms. Yes, you can download both of them to your mobile device completely free and use all their main features with just a few taps. Both Alpari forex apps have sound notifications, customizable charts, integrated charts, trading history and integrated chat application. No wonder that both of them have been received incredibly well by the trading community.
The other choice you have here is the Alpari Options app. With this, you can trade on your real and demo binary options accounts, manage your funds however you want, grab bonuses, perform various analyses etc. It’s also nice to see that most people who have downloaded this are very satisfied with the app’s performance and have awarded it excellent marks. It is available in several different languages, from Russian and English to Chinese and Arabic, so you should be able to use it without any problems.
In short, no matter which Alpari app you choose, you can’t go wrong because all of them are reliable and of extremely high quality. So, now that we’ve finished analyzing all types of trading platforms here, what else is there to do? Well, we need to take a look at money transfers. Stay tuned!

Alpari Mobile App

Alpari minimum deposit

Naturally, this Alpari broker review cannot afford to skip the issue of finances. After all, that’s what trading is all about, isn’t it? One way or another, we are all here to make a profit.
Before you can start trading, you need to have some funds in your account balance, so we will first take a look at Alpari minimum deposit. We mentioned earlier that it can range from 100 to 500 USD, depending on the account type, but for a Nano account you only need cents, so the requirement is practically non-existent. We will take Alpari minimum deposit to be 100$, though, as that is how much you need to invest in Standard accounts on both mt4 and mt5 platforms. This is a pretty fair deal when you compare it to what other brokers of this type ask for, so we really don’t think there is any reason for complaints.
As for Alpari deposit methods, they range from bank wire transfers and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and even China UnionPay) to various electronic payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney and more. If you use one of the latter methods, however, your deposit will be processed instantly, for credit cards it will take a couple of hours, whereas bank wire transfers usually take a couple of days. What is important to note that many of the aforementioned methods carry an Alpari deposit fee with them. This can range from 0% to 4%, so inform yourself thoroughly before you invest. For example, Visa and MasterCard deposits have a 2.5% commission, for Neteller, it depends on whether you’re using USD (4%) or EUR (2.5%) etc. Is the situation the same when you want to withdraw? Find out in the next part of this Alpari review.

Alpari Deposit Methods

Alpari withdrawal options

Alpari withdrawal is a completely reliable process, which is just another proof that this broker is legit, something we have already concluded in our Alpari Scam Test. You can use all the methods we mentioned in the previous paragraph, but some methods do carry limitations with them. For example, if you deposit by Skrill, you will also need to withdraw by Skrill, and if you go for credit cards you will only be able to withdraw to your bank account via wire transfer. What is interesting to note is that there is no minimum Alpari withdrawal if you go for electronic payment methods, whereas this requirement is 100 USD if a wire transfer is how you want to do this. In both cases, this is very reasonable and allows for big flexibility, so we think this is a big plus for the broker.
Alpari withdrawal fees are just as diverse as those concerning deposits – they range from no commission for Neteller to 33 EUR if you do things via wire transfers. China UnionPay will give you two free withdrawals each month, Skrill will charge you 2.5% etc. Again, this is something you should study carefully before making your move, but everything concerning this is completely transparent and the information can be found easily on the broker’s website. Each withdrawal request will be processed within three days, but for electronic payments, it can take as little as one day to wrap things up. You can also transfer funds between two Alpari accounts without any commissions and within just a few hours.
But the financial side of things here also has some very strong cards up its sleeve. You can very easily get additional trading funds in your balance, so read on and see what this Alpari review has to say about that.

Alpari Withdrawal Options

The best part of the website – Alpari bonuses

Pretty much all serious brokers have some sort of bonus policy, but we never encountered anything like this so far. There are some pretty unique ways you can earn extra trading funds on this website, so we needed to reserve a paragraph just for that topic. Here’s what you need to know.
The backbone of the Alpari bonus policy is the broker’s cashback system. It is based on points you collect, and which can then be exchanged for various benefits. One on the ways you can earn these points is by writing articles for this company’s website – if your text passes moderation, you get up to 500 Alpari points. You can write about whatever you think is interesting – trading strategies, trading experiences, investment theories, it really doesn’t matter. As long as the broker likes your article, you will be rewarded, which makes this one of the most creative ways of earning a bonus we have ever seen.
But let’s now take a closer look at the Alpari cashback system. You start collecting points as soon as you create your account (demo accounts are excluded), and you get them for almost every action you take. Depositing, investing in PAMM accounts, trading Alpari binary options and many other things will all bring you a certain number of points. These points can then be used to get some discounts on spreads, commissions or other expenses on this website, or you can simply exchange them for cash.
One final thing we have to mention when examining the Alpari bonus policy is the Premium Client Status. To achieve this status, the total amount of funds in all your accounts with this broker has to be at least 50,000 USD. This will bring some very interesting perks into the game, such as your own personal manager and investment consultant, free deposits and several special bonuses. On top of that, you can even request an advance worth up to 10,000 USD, which will then be added to your trading account. However, all of this is just one-half of the ways you can get additional funds. This company has a lot more to offer, and our Alpari forex review will show you everything.

Alpari contests are numerous and very entertaining

Yes, you can compete against other traders in a variety of events. Every Alpari contest is an intriguing and entertaining spectacle, with many interesting prizes on the table. We already mentioned the one for demo account holders, but there are many others you can join.
The newest Alpari contest to appear on the website is the one called Trade Wars. Here you have to pick one of two sides and end up in the top 16 traders in your faction in order to advance to the second round. There, the best 32 brokers will go head-to-head in a knockout tournament, and the winner becomes the undisputed trading champion and walks away with 1000$.
You also have Alpari FX Formula, where you want to get the highest return percentage of all traders. Top 40 competitors win prizes, which may range from cash rewards to various amounts of cashback points. Then there’s the King of the Hill contest, something meant exclusively for Alpari binary options traders, plus there are also contests for PAMM accounts. We won’t go into details about all of them, we leave the discovering of what these events offer to you, but we firmly believe that you won’t be disappointed and that you’ll have loads of fun. This Alpari review is long enough as it is, and we still have interesting things to discuss. Impressive, isn’t it? Stick around to learn about this broker’s global effect.

Support across the world

We said before that this broker is almost two decades old. During that time, they have spread literally across the world and now cater to more than a million traders in 150 countries. After starting out from Russia, Alpari now has many devoted trading communities. Still, there are differences between the countries.
Alpari Nigeria is an excellent example of what good support should look like. With their two offices in Abuja and Lagos, people working here are able to provide support and information on whatever you need. Additionally, you can regularly join forex seminars they hold, and these range from things for beginners to topics meant to be discussed with experienced traders. They even have their own Twitter and Facebook accounts, plus you can contact them by Skype. Apart from its home country of Russia, Nigeria is the only country in the world where Alpari has two offices. Given how many people from this country like to trade, this is certainly a smart move from the company.
You don’t have to be from Nigeria to get high-quality support, though. No matter where you are in the world, you can always count on a quick response from the team. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there are several other social networks you can follow this company on (LinkedIn, Google+ etc), but what is particularly interesting is that Alpari can be reached via Viber, too. Other contact methods include e-mails, phone numbers and even live chat on the website, for which login is not necessary. You don’t have to have an account to ask something. The answers you get will always be detailed and delivered to you quickly, so the whole experience will be as good as humanly possible.
With that, we will not prolong the end of this Alpari review any longer – we think you have read everything you need to know about these people by now, which means you know exactly is this the broker for you or not. Still, if you need a reminder of the most important features, just read our conclusion below.

What have we learned about Alpari?

A trading partner with loads of experience and even more options, that’s what you get if you decide to start investing on this company’s website. From the Alpari login to the process of withdrawal, everything is done to make you feel comfortable and satisfied. A staggering amount of choices is in front of you when you’re choosing your account type, with two of the most famous forex platforms at your disposal (Alpari mt4 and Alpari mt5). You can also trade binary options with this company, not just on your desktop computer but on mobile devices too, exactly like forex, and the minimum deposit requirement is more than reasonable. The same goes for withdrawal conditions, but if we had to choose something that impressed us the most, we’d go for bonuses and contests. With them, the company demonstrates an incredible level of creativity and willingness to think outside of the box in order to keep its clients interested.
With all these features in mind, it’s no wonder that you can find Alpari offices all over the world, from Russia to Nigeria and beyond, and that the support you get from them is always of the highest quality. Therefore, if you want to trade, opening an account with this company really is a no-brainer. Do it now and you will have at your side an institution of the very highest caliber.

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