Binarycent Review 2020

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Binarycent Review


Licensed and registered in Vanuatu, Binarycent is a relatively new entrant to the trading market place and was founded in 2020. In addition to binary options, the broker also offers Forex and CFD trading. Their custom trading platform was developed and launched by a group of serious investors with many years’ experience in trading themselves.

The trading platform is available on both desktop and mobile with an app available on iOS and Android. It allows investors the chance to trade without having to download any sophisticated software. Expiry times are varied, and there are numerous accounts for differing levels of investors. Binarycent offer it’s options trading platform in many countries.

For those who are seeking a broker and have a particular interest in Binarycent, you may be wondering why this could be the one for you. Our extensive and detailed review will help. With information about precisely what they have to offer, bought to you by our team of experienced experts, our hard work means that you can make an informed decision.

In this review, you will learn:

    All the various accounts and expiry times on offer Deposit and withdrawal levels and the bonuses The special features that make Binarycent good

Risk Warning: The products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never risk money that you cannot afford to lose.

Ad Disclosure: Some of the links that you will find on this website are advertisements for which we do receive financial gain from referring new customers.

Account Types

As with many brokers, there are different trading account types available for varying levels of traders. Whether you are a beginner looking to dip your toe and give options trading a try, or whether you are a more experienced, savvy trader, there is something for everyone. Each level of account brings with it additional features designed to maximise your binary options trading success and make it an enjoyable experience for all.

Bronze Account

For a deposit of just $250, bronze account holders can enjoy up to 20% bonus. What this means is that when you make your initial deposit of $250, you will have $300 to start trading. You will also benefit from 1-hour withdrawals, live chat support and the option to trade using a demo account so that you can get to grips with the platform before you start trading with your own real money.

Silver Account

A silver account is available to those that deposit $1,000, and this will attract a 50% welcome bonus. This bonus is added to your deposit and therefore gives you $1,500 to trade. You must trade this bonus a minimum number of times before it can be withdrawn. Additional benefits include live chat, 3 risk-free trades, a master-class web session and a personal account manager.

Gold Account

The next step up requires a deposit of $3,000 for which you will get all of the benefits of a gold account. Members who open a gold account will benefit from all of the features mentioned above but the bonus increases to 100%. The 100% bonus means that you can open an account with $3,000 which will automatically give you $6,000 to trade. Again, before you can withdraw it, this bonus must be traded a minimum number of times.

You may decide to start with a bronze account until you become more confident with both the broker and the platform and of course, your trading skills. As you become more experienced, you can choose to upgrade your account to benefit from even more account features.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education! Free Demo Acc!
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    Trustful broker.

Trade Types And Payouts

As with all brokers, the payouts available are essential when choosing where to deposit your funds. While some may make promises of 90%+ payouts, you should be expecting around 70-80% returns on your trades. Binarycent is more or less in that spectrum with payouts ranging from 65-85%. When it comes to the different trade types available one of the robust features of this platform is the expiry times offered:

Turbo Trades

Turbo trades are those that are quick. Starting as low as 30 seconds rising to around 15 minutes, turbo options tend to be the most popular with beginners as they have a rapid turnaround and allow you to get used to trading very quickly.

We recommend that if you are going to start with turbo options that you exercise caution as, while it allows you to get used the platform and trading very quickly, it is also a speedy way to lose money if you don’t know what you are doing. They are an easy option to trade on the go from a mobile as they don’t require a lot of research and analytical tools.

Intraday Trades

Intraday trading is more suited to the more experienced traders amongst you that know what they are doing and have some knowledge of the markets. They usually rely on several trades a day and an understanding of the stocks and their positions. It is an exciting proposition to see the value of the stocks increasing over the day, but you need to be vigilant as there can be things that affect the value of the stock that is often unforeseen.

Long Term Trades

The long term options offered by Binarycent are up to 5 weeks. There are pros and cons to longer-term options. For a start, you have to have more patience. You can place your trades but you are going to have to wait longer to find out the outcome.

Long term trading does remove the emotion from trading though and means that you are not placing trades as a reaction to a lost investment to try and make your money back or to keep up a winning streak when you are doing well.

Binarycent ticks all of the boxes when it comes to their trading package.

Bonuses And Promotions

Bonuses and promotions can affect a trader’s decision when choosing a broker as they can offer you the opportunity to maximise on your investment and give you more money. Binarycent offers 3 different levels of bonus which connect to the account that you choose.

They range from 25% with a bronze account up to 100% with a gold account. You should understand that there is a minimum requirement for how many times you need to trade the bonus before you can withdraw it.

Mobile Trading

Users are often looking for mobile trading options so they can trade on the go and make time-sensitive decisions, even when they’re outside. If you are one of those traders who does not want to stay tied to their desktops for hours, you need a mobile trading platform.

The Binarycent trading app works on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It allows customers to start trading with just a $10 deposit as a minimum. It allows 24/7 live video chat directly from the app. You don’t even need to switch out of the app for video chat. With the Binarycent mobile trading app, you can manage everything under the “same roof”.

You complete the account verification via the mobile platform itself. It shows complete transaction and trading history to help users make more informed decisions about your account.

The app also displays technical indicators on the chart to help you trade and analyse the financial markets. Logging in is easy, and you can register right from the app. It even facilitates account funding on connected brokers.

Deposits And Withdrawals

The minimum amount required to open an account with Binarycent is $250, but the minimum trade is just $0.10. The low entry point means that you can get a lot of trades for your money. There are many different ways to deposit with this particular broker including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

When making a withdrawal, the funds get deposited back to the same method used to create a deposit, and the minimum withdrawal is $50. Withdrawals get processed in as little as an hour which is a strong feature of Binarycent.

Special Features

Many things make Binarycent stand out. As well as their very low minimum trades, they also boast a demo account, fast turnaround withdrawals and some turbo, intraday and long term options. They offer non-stop trading which means that you can trade around the clock, even on the weekend and you can talk to an assistant through live video chat. As a side note trades are made and displayed in cents as opposed to dollars.

Customer Support

We have already mentioned that the broker offers live video chat for those who want to chat with someone that they can see. The live chat will automatically pop up when you arrive at the site which you can minimise until you need it. They also offer all the usual support methods as well including phone and email.

There are phone numbers available in many languages including Russian, Chinese and English. Alternatively, you can send a message with your details and wait for someone to get back to you if you prefer.

Here are the contact details for Binarycent:

    Email – [email protected] Phone – +182 994 76393 Address – Finance Group Corp, 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu


Binarycent, while a fairly new broker, tick all of the boxes when it comes to trading. They are competitive and offer all of the things that you would expect. Benefits include a good mobile trading platform, welcome and deposit bonuses and a good support system.

There are phone numbers available in many languages including Russian, Chinese and English. Alternatively, you can send a message with your details and wait for someone to get back to you if you prefer.

Risk Warning: The products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never risk money that you cannot afford to lose.

Ad Disclosure: Some of the links that you will find on this website are advertisements for which we do receive financial gain from referring new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Binarycent legit, will they scam me?

Binarycent is registered with a financial services license in Vanuatu. Their customer service team is accessible should there be an issue.

Do they have a decent mobile or tablet app?

In addition to their site is optimised for mobile devices, they also offer a mobile app. The mobile site is easy to navigate and easy to use.

What bonus do they offer new traders?

There are several accounts available, each of which attracts their level of bonus starting at 25% with a bronze account and rising to 100% with a gold account.

Can I start trading on a free demo account?

A demo account is free to use for those who open an account with Binarycent. While you do need to deposit funds to open an account, you don’t need to spend them to use the demo platform.

What’s the minimum deposit and trade amount?

There are three levels of deposit depending on the level of account that you open, but the minimum is $250. Trading on this platform is in cents with the minimum trade being $0.10 which is very low.

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BinaryCent Review

​BinaryCent is a binary option broker based in Vanuatu that has been established since 2020. The BinaryCent trading platform is managed by a company called Cent Projecte LTD, which is a subsidiary of an umbrella company called the Finance Group Corp.

BinaryCent specializes in offering binary option trades as well as Forex and CFDs (Contract For Differences). This broker offers payouts up to 95% and expiry times as low as 60 seconds. BinaryCent also has the lowest minimum trade amount in the industry at just 10 cents.

But is BinaryCent right for you? Can they be trusted? In this BinaryCent review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to now about this broker.

​Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

​​Commodities, Crypto, Forex, Indices, Stocks

​iOS and Android

​CFDs, Binary Options, and Forex

​Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies, Wire Transfer, Perfect Money, Maestro, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney, and More

Table of Contents

Trading Platform

​BinaryCent is an excellent trading platform and has a lot to offer. After your first login, you’ll see how easy it is to navigate the site. A quick tour reveals how this platform has advanced features for users. On the top left, you will see different links leading to their trading tools such as chart patterns, tips of technical analysis, and economic announcements.

The BinaryCent trading screen has a large chart and makes a big part of the site. You can view it in a candle or tick/line format. If you want a customizable charting package, go for the candle format.

Binary Cent has a growing list of assembled assets. They have ​stocks, ​commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex pairs from which traders can choose. It is possible to trade with any of them using long term, intraday, or turbo strategies. Turbo expires within 30 minutes in 1-minute increments for short term trading.

The intraday trading expires between one hour and 24 hours. It allows a trader to enjoy all opportunities within a day. Long term trading includes those that expire between one day and 30 days. For all trading strategies, payouts are within the range, starting from 60% up to 80%.


​BinaryCent is regulated by the VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission). This broker is regulated by the VFSC because they operate under their corporate holding company called Finance Group Corp. BinaryCent has a sister company called BinaryMate, which is more focused on the mainstream market. BinaryCent on the other hand is geared towards beginner traders, with a minimum investment as low as 10 cents.

Mobile Trading

​Mobile trading platform allows traders to tap into the market on the go. BinaryCent has an easy to navigate mobile version that is accessible through a tablet or a smartphone. All you have to do is download the app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

The BinaryCent app is free and is just as intuitive to use as the website. It has all functions provided on the site and is not as clunky to use as some similar programs. The app also shows all transactions and history of trading.

You will need to confirm your mobile number before you can use the app. This can be seen as a downside for some people, but it is to keep your funds and information secure.

​Account Types

​BinaryCent is not different from other trading platforms. It offers different kinds of trading accounts to fit various traders’ levels. It has an ideal option for beginners, experienced, and savvy traders. ​All trading account types come with unique features to maximize the trader’s experience while increasing the chances of succeeding as long as one understands and knows the strategy to use.

Bronze Account

A bronze trading account requires a minimum deposit of $250, and the trader earns a bonus that can be as much as 20%. The total amount becomes $300, which is a significant advantage for someone who is getting started. With this BinaryCent account, the user can access live video chats, ​free demo accounts, and one-hour withdrawals.

Silver Account

A trader who wants to have a silver​ trading account should have an initial deposit of $1,000. This account attracts a bonus of 50%, giving the trader $1,500 to get started in trading. However, users must trade a certain number of times (usually 40 trades) before making the first withdrawal. Some of the benefits for this account include a master class online session, an account manager, live chat, and three risk-free trades.

Gold Account

The gold trading account gives a trader all the benefits above and more, but you will need to put down $3,000. It earns a 100% bonus, meaning you start at $6,000. Again, with a gold account, you must meet the minimum trade requirement before you can withdraw your funds from BinaryCent. But, with such a big bonus, it’s an excellent way to get started.

​Special Features

Trading Contests

Every BinaryCent account gets considered for all of the trading contests. Twenty exciting prizes are given every week. This contest is usually based on win rates, trading volume, and win rates. But it can also be won through copy trading features. Some of the highest prizes are an iPhone, bonus added to the account, and $1.000 in cash.

Copy Trading

Copy-trading in BinaryCent makes it easy for beginners to understand how to make profitable moves. This term refers to copying seasoned traders to replicate their success. As long as one’s budget allows, users are allowed to follow as many traders as they wish. It helps to increase newbies’ trade size and boost their chances of winning. When looking for trades available, always check expiry time.

Bonus and Promos

BinaryCent offers bonuses to anyone who makes their first deposit. A trader can maximize investments and make good profits using the Bonus and Promos provided by BinaryCent. Bonuses come in three different levels. The first one is 20% for a bronze account, 50% for a silver account, and 100% for a gold account. However, each Bonus has minimum requirements before you can make the first withdrawal. Pay attention to these before you decide the amount to deposit.

According to a page titled Bonus Rules, Binary Cent states a trader must achieve three times turnover to qualify for profit and initiate a withdrawal. They define turnover as “the sum of the value of all trading orders excluding the value of any trading orders that have been canceled,” which can be confusing. Let’s look at an example.

If you deposit $1,000 and receive a $300 bonus, you need to make trades that total at least $3,900 ($1300 x 3). Don’t forget – these BinaryCent bonuses take priority before making a withdraw. So, if you have money in your account and then make another deposit with a bonus, you will need to make the turnover before you can withdraw the funds – even those you already earned before the deposit.

In addition to bonuses offered after you make a deposit, BinaryCent also offers other incentives. One of them is the “Risk-Free Trades’ along with trading contests. Gold account holders are given a trade promo, which is risk-free and well worth the higher deposit level. With this perk, BinaryCent compensates the user if their first three transactions leave them with a negative balance.

Additionally, each week there are 20 winners selected in regular contests worth $20,000.


BinaryCent has ​five asset classes, including:

Traders are given two types of trades: Binary Options and CFD/Forex. BinaryCent also gives you over 150 trading instruments to trade. Pay attention to what you trade! The type of asset you trade determines the payouts we mentioned earlier.

Since the cryptocurrency boom a few years back, BinaryCent has focused heavily on providing these assets. There are over 15 altcoins available for deposit, trade, and withdrawal.

Yes, there are ​other binary brokers with more assets and ways to ​start trading, but there’s a reason people are turning to BinaryCent. The asset list is still growing as this is a relatively young site, but they keep adding new ways to trade, which makes it very interesting.

Deposits and Withdrawals

​​BinaryCent offers several different deposit methods including Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt Coins, and Perfect Money. Credit cards come with a 5% transfer fee, although this is applied by the credit card processor, not the broker. The rest of the funding methods come without any transfer fees.

BinaryCent offers the same payment methods for withdrawals as it does for deposits. This broker claims to process all withdrawals within 1 hour, which is quite faster than most trading platforms. Before a withdrawal can be processed, BinaryCent may require verification to prevent fraudulent activity, which is pretty standard in the industry. Funding your account during weekends or public holidays may also add a slight delay in processing time.

Customer Support

BinaryCent provides customer support via live chat, phone, ​and email. They even have video chat if you need some additional help. The site also gives traders total support by offering help in major languages, including Chinese, English, and Russian.

​​Final Thoughts

BinaryCent is an entirely new broker, but offers quite a wide range in trading. They offer all things that any trader would like to have, including a mobile ​platform, ​several deposit methods, demo account access, and exceptional welcome bonuses. The trading platform claims to offer beginners a chance to trade online, but their minimum deposit seems to speak otherwise.

Because of the 10 cent trades, easy deposit/withdraw methods, and excellent customer support, BinaryCent is a suitable ​broker for beginners. Just remember that bonuses come with a turnover rule, so only accept them if you plan on trading often!

The BinaryCent trading environment is friendly and secure for all traders. This broker comes highly recommended for all types of traders. Visit their website to learn more about their bonuses, view the platform, and see what all the hype is about!

BinaryCent Review and Tutorial 2020

Deposit and trade with a Bitcoin funded account! Binarycent accept deposits in, and trade, 15+ Cryptocurrency types.

Traders in United States welcome
BinaryCent Facts & Figures

BinaryCent are a new broker and have fully embraced Cryptocurrencies. In addition to offering many alt-coins to trade, BinaryCent also accept deposits and withdrawals in 10 different crypto currencies.

Bonus 20% to 100%
Instruments Crypto, Binary Options
Demo Account Yes
Min. Deposit $250
Min. Trade $.01
Regulated By
MT4 Integration No
Mobile Apps iOS, Android
Auto Trading No
Trade Signals No
Islamic Account No
Spread N/A
Binary Options
Payout Percent 95

BinaryCent is an online financial trading platform that was recently established in 2020. The trading platform is managed by a management company known as Cent Project Ltd, a subsidiary of the Finance Group Corp that is based in Vanuatu. Their head office is located at 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu. The Finance Group Corp is also the holding company of another leading binary options trading platform called BinaryMate. BinaryCent however specializes not only in providing binary options trading services, but also spot forex and Contract for Differences (CFDs).

Regulation & Reputation

In terms of regulatory oversight, BinaryCent is a regulated brokerage firm under the oversight of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. This is due to the fact that BinaryCent operates under the corporate umbrella of its holding company the Finance Group Corp.

Unlike its sister-trading platform BinaryMate, which is geared towards the mainstream market; BinaryCent’s market segment is focused more towards smaller online traders. This is why one of the key attractions of BinaryCent is the ability to place trades with an investment as low as 10 cents.

Trading Platforms

The trading platform adopted by BinaryCent is a proprietary trading platform developed exclusively for the Finance Group Corp. This is the reason why the platform bears many similarities with the trading platform used by related brands. A web based trading platform, the platform can be accessed with any up-to-date web browser.

This eliminates any need for a trader to download and install any software onto their computers.

Despite being just a web based trading platform, the platform works efficiently and comes integrated with numerous trading tools such as trading charts and technical indicators. With its user friendly interface, the BinaryCent’s trading platform is a joy to use.

Mobile Trading

Traders who wish to trade the financial markets while they are on the move can also do so with their smartphones or tablets by downloading the mobile trading app from Apple’s App Store (iOS – iPhone and iPad) or Google Playstore for android devices.

As part of their product offering and services, BinaryCent has provided the mobile app for free. In terms of functionalities, the mobile trading app fulfils the same basic functions as its web based counterpart. The only key difference is the fact that it is optimised for the smaller screens of smartphones and mobile devices.

Trading Accounts Offered

To meet the varying needs of their clients, BinaryCent has provided their clients with a choice of 3 different types of trading accounts. They comprises of the Bronze account, the Silver account and the Gold account.

Bronze Trading Account

Minimum deposit of $250
Live video chat support
20% deposit bonus
1hr withdrawal

Silver Trading Account

Minimum deposit of $1000
Live video chat support
1 hour withdrawal
50% deposit bonus
Master Class

Gold Trading Account

Minimum deposit of $3000
Live video chat support
1 hour withdrawal
100% Deposit Bonus
Master Class
3 Risk Free Trades
Personal Manager

Bonuses & Promos

As can be seen above, the bonuses offered by BinaryCent range from 20% to 100% depending on the type of trading account the trader has signed up for. Nevertheless, traders should be aware that there are terms and conditions attached to the award of these bonuses. One of the key requirements for the encashment of the bonus is the need to fulfil a minimum trading volume (turnover).

Apart from the deposit bonus, BinaryCent has also provided their traders with other incentives such as “Risk Free Trades” and trading contests. For the risk free trade promo, awarded to Gold account holders, BinaryCent will compensate the trading losses of the trader, if the total balance of the first 3 transactions is negative.

In addition to the risk free trade promo, BinaryCent also holds a regular trading contest with a prize pool of $20,000. Every week, 20 winners will be selected from the contestants.

Assets And Instruments

In terms of trading assets, BinaryCent offers the following classes of assets:

  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex
  • Market Indices
  • Stocks

For spot forex and CFDs, BinaryCent offer a maximum leverage ratio of 1:100. The asset index is a growing list – the firm are relatively new. The focus at present is Cryptocurrency and altcoin, but other assets are added as the offering grows. That said, the current list still cover all the major assets a trader would expect to find.

Customer Support

As for the support services at BinaryCent, it is provided on a 24/7 basis. Traders who need support can reach out to the support team through live chat, web contact form or by calling them directly on the telephone.

Deposit & Withdrawal

For the funding of trading accounts, BinaryCent has provided several methods which their clients can use to fund their trading account. These different methods include the following:

Major credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard
Cryptocurrencies wallets which take Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and other alt coins
eWallets such as Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller

For withdrawals, the same methods are also supported by BinaryCent. Apart from a 5% charge for credit card withdrawals, BinaryCent does not charge any withdrawal fees. But there is a minimum withdrawal amount requirement of $50. As for the withdrawal time, BinaryCent guarantees that all withdrawal requests will be processed within one hour.

Is BinaryCent suitable for day trading?

There are several factors which make BinaryCent an ideal trading platform for day traders. Firstly, you can trade in several asset classes such as forex, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies and market indices. In addition, you can also trade the spot forex market, CFDs market and binary options market. With binary options, your trades can be as short as 60 seconds.

Most important of all, the minimum investment requirement imposed by BinaryCent is merely $10 per trade. This gives you the ability to stretch your limited investment capital to cover more market positions at minimal risks.

What is the minimum deposit requirement to open a trading account?

The minimum deposit requirement at BinaryCent is $250 for the bronze trading account. For the Silver trading account, the minimum deposit requirement is $1000. As for the Gold trading account, the minimum deposit requirement is $3000.

How fast can my withdrawal request be processed?

BinaryCent guarantees that all withdrawal requests are processed within an hour. However, it should be noted that it could take several days before the withdrawn amount is posted to your credit card account.

Is BinaryCent a reliable broker?

Yes, BinaryCent is a reliable broker. It is part of the Finance Group Corp that owns several leading online trading platforms.

What kind of trading platform does BinaryCent have?

BinaryCent uses a proprietary web based trading platform that has been developed exclusively for the Finance Group Corp. The platform is also available for download as a mobile trading app at Apple’s App Store and Google Playstore.

What is the maximum leverage available?

The maximum leverage provided is 1:100 for CFDs trading.

Can I deposit and trade using Bitcoin or other Cyptocurrency?

Yes. 14 different cryptocurrencies are supported for account balances.

Accepted Countries

BinaryCent accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most other countries.

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