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Binomo Cryptocurrency Trading-Which One Is More Profitable?

Binomo is an online trading platform which is the best choice for new traders. This is a binary options trading platform which is unique and easy to use.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009. Over the 10 years of its existence, the crypto industry has undergone certain changes.

Currently, the people most interested in this topic are the developers of innovative software products, investors, and traders. From the point of view of stock market players, cryptocurrency is a profitable trading asset that offers several advantages.

Currently, in addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, there are more than 1,000 similar projects, many of which are very popular.

The total capitalization of the crypto industry as of February 2020, exceeds $130 billion. And that is far from the limit: at the peak of its popularity in 2020, that figure exceeded 700 billion.

Therefore, in conditions of such great variation, a relevant question for many traders is which cryptocurrency is more profitable to trade.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Bitcoin’s market capitalization share is 52%, as compared to other similar projects. As such, it is the undisputed favourite of the market. According to the CoinMarketCap portal, the following projects fall into the top ten most popular currencies in this industry:

Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the world, which for the past 10 years has been a strong leader.

Ethereum is a popular system based on a decentralized network created by Russian developer Vitalik Buterin.

XRP (Ripple) is a blockchain-based payment system that has attracted the attention of many large banks and financial institutions.

EOS is a decentralized system which is based on a modified structure which is not blockchain.

Litecoin is the first Bitcoin fork released after Namecoin. For a long time, it occupied the second place in the ranking, but later its position weakened.

Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin fork that broke away from the main network in August 2020. The main reason for the split was a sharp increase in transaction confirmation time. The problem appeared in 2020 and was caused by a sharp increase in the number of operations in the network.

Tether is the most successful project from the stable coin category. According to the assurances of its creators, each crypto coin is secured by dollars in the company’s bank accounts.

Stellar is a branch of the Ripple network. The main idea of the developers was to create a truly independent and decentralized cryptocurrency, which, in their opinion, XRP is not.

TRON is a global entertainment project in which the cryptocurrency acts as an integral part of an internal payment system for media content.

Finance Coin is a project from the exchange platform of the same name. It was created for internal use but later further developed as a separate cryptocurrency.

There are many more successful projects than these. Many very popular projects are not included in the TOP 10 and this list is constantly changing. However, the main favourites of the market have generally retained their positions.

Cryptocurrencies as seen by traders

Investors who put money into the purchase of crypto coins are interested in obtaining the maximum amount of information about a particular project.

This allows them to assess the prospects of that cryptocurrency and the likelihood of its further capitalization growth.

An investor can make profits solely on positive trends. However, the market is a cyclical structure and growth is always followed by a decline. That is one of the fundamental principles of pricing.

How Do You Successfully Trade On Binomo

Trade on binomo with different unique features are not comparatively new for traders. Binomo is running their trading service for more than 4 years. They have started their journey in 2020 with a moto to introduce an innovative trading platform with low investment.

However, to start with any trading platform, it is wise to know the ins and outs of that platform. Additionally, finding whether the platform is regulated or not is also necessary. In our Binomo review , you find all sorts of information regarding this broker.

Moreover, Binomo is a great platform for earning easy money . Through this blog, mainly a new trader will know the steps to trade successfully on the Binomo platform.

What Is Binomo

Binomo is a regulated trading platform that is owned and operated by Tiburon Corporation Limited. This award-winning broker has many unique features that make the platform more acceptable among all types of traders.

Furthermore, binomo received two major awards as the best brokers and best brokers for beginners. In 2020, they listed themselves as a Catagory “A” member of the International Financial Commission.

The initial deposit amount is too low for novice traders. You just need to deposit $10 to start trading on the binomo platform. Through the binomo app, you can trade from anywhere you want at any time.

Those who operate trading through a computer or laptop does not require to download the platform in your device. Traders can comfortably operate trading via the web-based platform.

Via the trading platform, you can trade options of cryptocurrency , indices, commodities, and more.

Binomo Review : Trade in Control With Binomo App

Reviewed By Binoption

Binomo Review: Trade in Control With Binomo App

Loss or damage control is one of the basic priorities for any kind of business.

If there is a chance of controlling loss, then it secures the investment and ensures gradual progress regarding profit.

It is also true for a trader who is new in the online trading market.

A trader always cherishes the idea of minimum loss and a maximum profit.

Those who are really thinking in this way and looking for a broker, Binomo App is the best choice for them.

In our Binomo Review, we will mention the unique features of this broker which is offering a highly efficient platform to their traders.

This registered company has been providing brokerage services since 2020.

It provides strategy training.

It also assigns market expert for every individual.

Most importantly, it has the high-quality customer service, market analysis support, quality training for beginners and exclusive profitable trading condition which will give you an unbeatable return up to 90% or more than that.

We know that you are searching information for Binomo to know either it is scam or not and for that we going to describe the following topics in our review.

So, let’s start to reveal about Binomo where trader should trust this broker or not.

Warning: Country Restriction (Do Not Accept Traders)

Warning: Please note that Binomo Broker does not accept traders from the following countries –

Binomo Review – What Is Binomo?

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Binomo is owned and operate by Tiburon Corporation Limited and the address is – Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles).

Binomo broker was established by the managing company Stagord Resources Ltd registered in Nicosia, Cyprus (Address: 60 VasileosPavlou, AgiosDometios, CY 2360).

Their mission is to –

“An innovative trading platform with small investment”.

It is a binary options trading platform which is unique, easy to use and smooth.

It conducts the operation from different countries and serves customers from all over the world in major languages.

The platform is offering 17 native languages which will help traders to communicate through the live chat without any hesitation.

Traders money has been kept into the separated accounts in order to secure fund.

Binomo also maintains a strict policy regarding customer’s privacy.

Awards and Achievements:

Binomo has few achievements and awards for their trusted service.

Here is the list of their awards –

  1. 2020 IAIR Award (This award was for the best broker of the year)
  2. 2020 Forex Expo Award (The best brokers for beginners)
  3. Binomo is a Category “A” International Financial Commission Member

Binomo Regulation:

Since 2020, Binomo is a Category “A” member of the International Financial Commission.

Binomo is giving an assurance to their traders, that the platform is safe and secure to perform the trade. If the broker does any fraudulent activity with a trader, then he or she will get up to $20,000 from the Compensation Fund.

The company is also abiding to deliver services, transparency, and protection of an independent professional organization.

Moreover, the company has pending CySEC and CPO licenses.

By joining the Finance Commission at 2020, Binomo reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices.

Why Binomo?

We have researched carefully to find out the reason behind choosing Binomo as a trading broker.

We have found some tremendous features which indulged us to choose Binomo as a broker among many.

We recommend all of the new traders to consider these features before making any decision regarding broker.

These features are –

  • Regulated and Licensed by The Financial Commission
  • Minimum Deposit $10
  • Minimum Investment $1
  • Minimum Withdrawal $10
  • Three Account Types (Standard, Gold and VIP)
  • Demo Account Facilities
  • Quotes from Leading Agencies
  • Free Training
  • Mobile Trading facilities
  • Proprietary Trading Platform
  • Price movement history
  • Trade on the Weekend
  • Average Return 85% and Maximum Return 90% and more
  • Trading bonuses, Promotion, and Tournament
  • Over 70 Basic Assets
  • Non-stop trading mode
  • 14 Technical indicators (Moving Average, MACD, Bollinger Bands, The Alligator, RSI etc)
  • Extended range of expiration periods – 1 second to 60 minutes
  • Trade control knowledge, Video Tutorial, and Expert’s Guidance
  • Smooth and Problem-free Withdrawal
  • Quality Customer Service

Binomo Login and Sign Up Process:

Before login or sign in, you must sign up or register with Binomo trading broker.

Here, I am giving step by step instruction for signing up with Binomo.

Registering for an account is for free.

At first, to begin the registration process you need to click the “VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE” button below.

The Binomo official webpage will open.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

After clicking on that, the below page will come where you have to register or sign up through valid email address and password.

Also, you can register using your existing Facebook and Google plus account.

Completing the account registration will take you just 1 minute.

Before you can log in to your trading account, you need to activate it first.

A link will be sent to your email inbox; click on that link to be able to activate your account.

Now, you have an active Binomo account. Your demo account will be deposited with $1,000.

After that, you will be directed to your trading room and a popup will come.

You can either start with your Demo Account or Real Account by depositing only $10.

After that, you will be able to trade from the trading room.

From the next, you just have to login by clicking the Sign In button from their website by the same method (Facebook, Google Plus or Email) you used during registration.

Either you can directly Sign Up with your email from the below.

Binomo Account Type

Binomo has three types of account along with the Demo Account.

You can choose from them for easy money management system and optimal service.

You can also choose according to your trading experience.

  • Standard Account
  • Gold Account
  • VIP Account

A Standard Account deposited money starts from $10. Traders from any experience level can open this account. You can enter into the trade by investing only $1. However, a trader can trade with this minimum amount with real brokers.

Traders will get analytical support and also participate in different tournaments and special offers. The good news is that this type of account offers 85% returns from their trading.

Even, new customers will get a welcome bonus after opening this account. Active traders will also get after Top-up. Traders can withdraw their profits within 3 working days.

To become a Gold Account trader, each one needs to deposit minimum $500. Unlike Standard trader, Gold Account trader is guided by a personal trade expert or manager. Moreover, the trader enjoys an expanded list of assets.

Fastest withdrawals within 24 hours. Traders will get analytical support from professional traders. The Return up to 86% and you will also get a weekly 5% return on your losses.

A trader needs to minimum deposit $1,000 to become a VIP Account trader. Furthermore, the trader gets all the facilities of Gold Account Trader including a complete list of services and opportunities, bonuses up to 100%, and fixed trade profits up to 87%. The highest cash back is 10% of looses.

Trades can communicate with their personal manager via Skype for analytical support. The special features entitled to the VIP trader are – withdrawal of funds within 4 Hours, widest choice of basic assets.

The highest return is almost 90%.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Binomo Demo Account:

You can practice and improve your skills by trading with a Binomo Demo Account.

Trading with a demo does not cost a single penny.

For beginners, this is an opportunity to trade with demo account without any risk of losing funds.

For the experienced trader, Demo account is helpful to create and test various trading strategies, tools, and assets.

After opening a demo account to Binomo, you will get $1000 virtual money.

Demo Account is 100% similar to the real account in terms of underlying assets.

Therefore, you can switch to your real account when you are ready to take the risk.

To switch to the Real Account you need to select the Account type “Real”.

You need to deposit money to start trading on a real account.

This can be done from the “Cashier” section on the trading platform.

In Cashier page, you can select your payment method, deposit amount and make your deposit.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education! Free Demo Acc!
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    Trustful broker.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Binomo App – Mobile Trading:

Binomo offers mobile trading for their traders.

Trading apps is available for IOS, and Android device.

The exciting part is that you can get updated instantly about the closing transaction, tournament, and promotions.

You can also set notification which you cannot set from the website.

There is an excellent app designed with all the necessary features for mobile trading.

It helps a trader to conduct and to continue his trade from anywhere and at any time.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Binomo Trade Type

There is only one type of trading contract available in Binomo.

The name of the trade type is High/Low.

These are the classic types of binary options trades and are otherwise known as the Call/Put options.

The aim of this is to predict whether the price of the asset that you select will go higher or lower than the current price by the expiry time.

High/low trading expire option is to start from 1 sec to 60 min.

Payout rate is about 70%-90%.

The quicker and simple up/down trading condition is considered as 60 sec trade.

The list of expiry times is given below –

1 second, 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 Minute, 5 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes and 60 Minutes.

Binomo Indonesia

If you are a trader from Indonesia,it is a great place to start your trade now. Binomo is widely running their business in Indonesia. However, there is no particular rules for Indonesian traders.

In Indonesia, the Financial market is regulated by Indonesia Financial Services Authority. The authority is locally known as Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

All Binary Options trading falls under the remit of the Indonesian National Bank. So, trading binary options in Indonesia is not banned by Law.

They are responsible for regulating this trading industry. Moreover, they are not only responsible for local brokers, but also for foreign websites that have permission to operate business there.

For general, they are not providing like a community just for this particular country. The trading platform is open for them.

Asset Index

There are more than 70 assets are available in BINOMO.

The VIP traders can access the whole underlying asset.

They had a number of Forex pairs and commodities.


In commodities they have (UKX, CAC, AEX, NASDAC 100, DOW JONES IA, Crypto IDX).

Traders also can trade Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc in their platform.

The availability of assets will change during a time period.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Binomo Trading Tools, Indicators and Strategies:

There are a few indicators and Charts available in Real Account of Binomo.

Even you can trade with those indicators from your Demo Account.

First comes to the part of indicators.

Moving Average: These indicators help to calculate the price movement for a certain period of time. Value change dynamically when the price changes. Traders can forecast the future price. Moving Average works perfectly if there is a Trend.

MACD: This indicator shows the differences between two moving average from the different timeline. If there is a directional price movement, then these indicators work perfectly.

Bollinger Bands: This is a simple moving average. There are lines showing borders of a given standard deviation. This indicator works great in the Trend time.

The Alligator: A simple combination of 3 regulars smoothed moving averages of different periods of time and with different shifts in future. There are a few parameters and these parameters can be changed.

RSI: This indicator defines the strength of the change of price. The price changes over a certain period of time.

Fractal Chaos Bands: this is a Trend indicator that shows the overall panorama of price movement. This indicator also shows the filter outs minor fluctuations. This is extremely useful for trading on Trends.

Except for these main indicators, there are more indicators available in Binomo Platform to perform Binary trading. These are ADX, ATR, CCI, Stochastic, Momentum, Parabolic SAR, Awesome Oscillator, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

By seeing a chart, a trader will predict the movement of a currency pair.

The price will change depending on the news, interest rate, and others economic variables.

Charting tools and indicators will guide traders to take the trading decisions.

There are 4 types of charts and they are –

There are a few charting tools which will help traders to guide in their trading time and these are –

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education! Free Demo Acc!
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