Bitcoin Victory Are We Dealing with another Shady Scheme

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Bitcoin Victory: Are We Dealing with another Shady Scheme?

Bitcoin victory is one of the many online sites that claim to deal in bitcoin trading. They allegedly make hundreds of dollars in profit for their investors on a daily basis. However, there are many indications that this site may not be as rosy as it seems.

Bitcoin victory is absolutely free, so you should expect to make money without paying a single cent. This often puzzles legitimate investors, as no site would provide such services for free.

Besides this, there are many other faults that can be found on the Bitcoin Victory website, which may help you decide for yourself whether it is worth risking your hard-earned money or not.

Bitcoin victory is basically an online site that had been created recently to capitalize on the reputation that bitcoin has gained in the crypto markets. Although they are working as a financial service provider, they have not provided any registration details. By investing in this site, you are basically dealing with an unregulated company. It is also illegal to deal with such sites in many countries.

If you want to gain more information about them directly, you will be left in the dark as the only way to contact them is through a form on their website. Besides this, they provide no physical address, phone number or even email addresses. This is highly dubious for a company that claims to deal with such advanced software. The only proof that this company actually exists is the website: and the only way through which you can contact them is via a web-form:

Bitcoin Victory Review

Bitcoin victory is basically a trading site with an automated software performing allegedly accurate market analysis that deals in bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. They claim to be able to win most trades, which means that you would be guaranteed to earn consistent profits every single day. Besides, the software or trading robot that they are providing is actually free, so you won’t have to a pay a cent for access to the site. However, after you create a free account, you’ll notice that the actual investment is $250. Only once you deposit this, then you can begin trading. The strangest part is that you do not have to do a single thing and simply wait for your profits. However, you will not have any details of the broker with whom the site deposited your investment, so you are leaving it up to them to claim any profits.

Although many people have little knowledge about how trading robots work, an experienced investor will tell you that they are not as effective as advertised. Bitcoin victory claims that their trading robot can win 99% of trades. This means that you are guaranteed a profit in every trade. Unfortunately, this seems highly suspicious, as no legitimate site can promise such high returns consistently.


Although the trading strategy of Bitcoin victory seems very clear, it is actually quite suspicious. Firstly, they claim to have a trading robot that can win most trades. However, even such a robot will have to be programmed with a specific algorithm that does not change. This may make profits in certain scenarios, but is guaranteed a certain loss percentage as well. They do not mention this on their site.

Secondly, you are paying nothing to use advanced software, which is against any logical business model. It is still unclear as to how exactly Bitcoin victory expects to make profits. Besides, even the most advanced traders cannot achieve daily profits as high as advertised on this site, even though they use a more concrete strategy than Bitcoin Victory. Although they mention that the robot will win most trades, they do not mention how this is possible in a changing cryptocurrency market.


  • Company: Bitcoin Victory
  • Product: Trading robot.
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Trading strategy: Automated trading
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

Before you make any decision about this company, you may want to compare it with a few others that are operating along similar lines, such as: QProfit System, DAX Robot, Green Millions, Bitcoin Circuit and Hodium.

Trading Results

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Victory has made many promises that they cannot back up with eal trading results. Even though it may seem fancy to inexperienced investors, a good investor will always look atr the trading results before investing in the company. Bitcoin victory makes claims based on certain customer testimonials, but none of these can be verified. Besides, many of the testimonials were proven to be fake.

Client Feedback

Although the website displays a few very positive customer testimonials, they seem very generic and hardly genuine. Most customers, on third party sites, claim that the site deposits their investment with an unknown broker and then claims that they made losses which cannot be recovered. However, you can recall that the site claims to win 99% of trades.


Bitcoin victory might at first appear attractive to a novice investor, but it raises a lot of red flags if you look around for relevant details. Not only have they not provided any contact information, but the trading results also cannot be verified and they have displayed vague testimonials to promote their site.

If you have had an experience with Bitcoin Victory, do share with us in the comments section below.

Review: Options Animal (Cost, Classes, Membership)

“Proper skills and proven trading strategies” are two very basic but important requirements to survive as a successful trader in the financial markets. Options Animal claims that their online trading courses help traders to learn whatever it takes to win the contracts in the Options market on a consistent basis. Their curriculum offers classes on topics ranging from stock market basics to advanced trading skills and adjustment strategies. I’ll let you know everything that you need to know, including the cost of the classes, and how you can properly utilize the membership to your advantage.

Options Animal was founded by Greg Jensen, an options investor, speaker, and author of the book “Spread Trading – An Introduction to Trading Options in Nine Simple Steps”. You can get in touch with them through their email address: [email protected] or phone no. 1-888-297-9165. Their head office is located at 1982 W. Pleasant Grove Blvd. Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, Suite J.

Options Animal Review

Greg Jensen has designed Options Animal trading course with an aim to assist traders to reach their investing goals whether it’s capital preservation, wealth creation, or simply taking control of their own lives through financial security. They claim their success is in building successful traders by teaching the proper skills to protect the money, mastery of the trading strategies at hand, and methods to apply stock and options investing strategies at the market level.

This product is in line with my most recent reviews of Consistent Options Income, and One Day Wonder Options.

Options Animal trading course features:

6-Step Process of Trading Success

  1. Determine direction
  2. Analyze trade possibilities
  3. Select/structure strategy
  4. Determine exit points
  5. Place trade
  6. Monitor & adjust if needed

Types of Classes

  • Apprentice – This package covers basic income strategies, advanced income strategies with the techniques to apply and adjust them. This course is considered as the basic part of learning the methods of investing.
  • Trader Pro – The advanced level of learning their trading techniques and expanding the skill levels as required to be a consistent winner. This course enables you to learn from the weekly trades made by their instructors using the real money at the market. They claim of achieving a 91% success record using the education they serve to their clients. This course also includes practical application classes on how to structure, place, manage and fix all options strategies, from the lowest risk option strategy to the most aggressive. You’ll also receive trade adjustment flow charts and advanced options classes in order to make the use of their methods simple and second nature. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the portfolio management and how much money you need to set aside for each trading strategy.
  • Mentor – This package has been designed to provide solutions to the traders who are looking for the quickest and easiest way to learn everything they need to know about options market trading. In this section, they offer the opportunity to join their monthly practical workshop where students are assisted by two instructors to learn about managing personal portfolios, set up trades, discuss their watch list, and adjust their positions during the four-hour long period of class. Besides, you’ll be able to choose an instructor from their expert team for their 1-on-1 Mentor Training Session.

Membership Cost

They don’t disclose the course fees in public. The course fee depends on the length of your use of their course materials. They come up with personally tailored course curriculum and prices based on customer requirements. Some of the other sources suggest that the course fee ranges from $500 to as high as $6,500. With this type of payment structure, you can expect to be paying a fair bit if you are interested in signing up for their classes.


Options Animal serves accredited investor education curriculum offered by Hudu Academy under regional accreditation provided through AdvancedED. AdvancED is known as the world’s largest education community, serving more than 30,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in more than 70 countries that educate over 16 million students.


Based on our review, customized course plans for individual students, mentoring & workshop programs are the unique parts of their offers to the clients. It seems they does their best to make you understand about their trading strategies and techniques that claim to bring you a 90%+ success rate while trading in the options market. However, a higher winning rate doesn’t guarantee that the strategy will be fit and understood by everybody else. A proven record of the performance of their strategy with examples is also missing in their business profile.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please do so now.

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