Charity Profits App Review

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Charity Profits App Scam Review

Charity Profits App is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Charity Profits App really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

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Charity Profits App Full Software Review

There are many income generating solutions available on the Internet. Some are solid and reliable, some – the exact opposite, but all of them attract users with the promise of achieving them financial freedom for good. Forex trading is not even the newest one available on the market. In fact, it is one of the oldest ones. Creators of such systems have years behind them in experience and know how to lay the foundations for a profitable experience both for themselves and the respective online investors.

Today we are going to present you with a review of Charity Profits App – a brand new Forex trading robot which was created by a woman named Megan Sanders. What drew our attention to the software is the fact that there are not many which are created by females. So, users are sure to be get ready for an interesting, if not anything else, experience. But the big question of the day is: is the system a scam or legit way by which users can increase their earnings? Read on in order to find out.


Charity Profit System – Is it a Scam or Reliable One?

There are many promising things about this Forex investment robot. Unfortunately, it is quite fresh, so there is not an abundance of users’ feedback available on the Internet. This is why, we can not provide you with actual data of an estimated average success rate. It is also the main reason why we can not reach a clear verdict whether it is scam or legit. Creator Megan Sanders has active social media profiles, but we are still struggling to find out what her actual story is.

At least for now, it is best for online traders to try and opt for a software different than Charity Profits System, because it still has to prove itself. You should instead turn to a proven to be trustworthy and safe online profit amplifying solution. There is no proof that this robot is scam, but there is little to support the theory that it is legit either.

Charity Profits Software – As Created by Megan Sanders

The founder and creator of this Forex trading system – Megan Sanders got the idea for Charity Profits App Software while on a visit to an undisclosed African country where she witnessed the poverty and death of young children due to malnutrition. This made her desire to help people and she teamed up with some programmers and data analysts to create the robot.

The basic idea is that a small commission of 5% from each profit acquired by investors is donated to a charity organization. This way, everyone can succeed and be happy.

This is not the only Forex software that donated to charitable organizations. There are many who require users to transfer a small portion of their earnings to a charitable foundation of their own choosing or that of the alleged creator.

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CharityProfitApp Software – How Does it Operate?

CharityProfitApp System utilizes a highly efficient programming algorithm which analyzes and processes market data around the clock. It thus placed trades instead of the investor. It operates with all four main asset types and donates monetary amounts to charities. There is still insufficient information as to how exactly the computer codes of this Forex system work.

Due to the general lack of users’ feedback on the Internet, we are unable to give a clear verdict whether it is a scam or legit one. For now, we can not advise anyone to sign up with it. In order to keep you funds safe, you better turn to a reliable and proven to work correctly Forex automated software. Charity Profit App might not get the job done.


Our investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Charity Profits App to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Charity Profits App is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.

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Binary options has seen a mass explosion in popularity of late, and of course along with that comes the many software trading systems catering to binary options traders which have also started to pop up on the internet. Some of these automated trading systems can be considered to be solid and reliable while others not so much. But the commonality among all of these different trading systems is the fact that they all promise to help users of this software achieve financial freedom with little or no effort at all.

However we can never take these promises at face value, as of course we don’t live in a perfect world. In order to find out if any of these types of software are reliable and legitimate, we have conducted a full review on them and from our findings we have provided you with all the information that you need to make up your mind about these trading systems. Today we are going to take a closer look at a new binary options trading robot called the Charity Profits App, (so named because they claim to give back to charity) that is currently making its way around the internet. The question now becomes, is Charity Profits trading system a legitimate trading system or a scam? Read our in-depth review to find out.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: 97.56%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • No technical information on how the software work
  • Overhyped Marketing
  • No Proven Track Record on the performance of the trading system
  • Free software
  • Percentage of profit donated to charity

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is the Charity Profits App

Charity Profits App is an automated trading software that was developed by a woman called Megan Sanders. The fact alone that it was a woman who developed this system was interesting enough to capture our attention, as this playing field is largely dominated by men.

From the information contained in the Charity Profits App promotional video, we have gathered that it is an automated trading software that was developed by Megan Sanders as a way to give back to people who are struggling financially. A former financial analyst, she was motivated to come up with Charity Profits App after witnessing the death and poverty she saw in Africa.

In the Charity Profits App promotional video, Megan Sanders is so confident that the software will help its users make at least a thousand a month that she is willing to back that claim with a promise to pay anyone who fails to earn that amount with five thousand dollars out of her own pocket. She even goes further to say that you will in fact be able do this on the very first day that you sign up.

How does it work?

The Charity Profits App is described as a sophisticated signal trading software that uses complex algorithms to help its users trade binary options effortlessly and around the clock. With the software, the trading process is also entirely automated once the trading parameters are set by the users. According to Megan, the software has already helped its users make $1.7 million in profits. And with the system, no trading knowledge or experience is required since the software decides when to trade.

It is interesting to note that Megan has resorted to heavily appealing to the genders to promote her trading system rather than letting its results speak for themselves.

Final conclusion

From our comprehensive review of the Charity Profits App, we are unable to draw any conclusive conclusion that this trading system is a scam. Nevertheless, there are many red flags that give rise to suspicions that everything may not be exactly as it seems. First of all, there is the guarantee of paying five thousand dollars to those who fail to make four thousand dollars within the first month of signing up. To us, this sounds like an overhyped sales talk.

Secondly, Megan claims that a percentage of the profits made will go to charity and this is her reward for sharing this system to the public. What we don’t understand is if the software can achieve such a high profitable level, why not make use of her software to trade herself and donate all the amazingly high profits to charity directly? Why does she need users to sign up for it and trade through her list of recommended brokers? To us, it seems like a roundabout way of doing things.

Finally, we also note that Megan is appealing to the female audience by stating that even women can become millionaires as easily as men. As a person who claims to have worked in the financial industry, she should have been very much aware of the fact that the financial markets don’t differentiate genders, status or even ethnicity. This raises the question whether Megan was indeed a former financial analyst. We could be forgiven for getting the feeling that this is just a scam that preys on people’s emotions.

Charity Profits App Review – Dirty SCAM Software!

Charity Profits App review exposes the truth about the Charity Profits App Scam

Update: This scam has been renamed and is now going by the name of My Profit Formula so be warned that Charity Profits App and the My Profit Formula App Scam are the exact same thing. The creators behind this scam have just changed the name as the original charity name is now tagged as a scam. If you hear anyone talking about either of these scam auto-traders please warn them that both are the same scam.

Charity Profits App is nothing more than a money stealing scheme camouflaging as a charity foundation. The fact that it is a lady presenting the app does not mean that it is genuine. Don’t believe anything from this alleged creator of the scam app. She highly talks of the good life you will have after signing in with the system. She barely explains how the software works. This makes her fishy and not to be trusted. Avoid her and remain safe with your hard earned money.

CEO: Megan Sanders
Official Site:

Results from Charity Profits App Review

Megan Sanders, the alleged CEO of this software says that the app comes for free. The only thing you need to do is deposit $250 and wait for your $4,000 at the end of the day. You don’t have to spend a dime in downloading the app but you are required to deposit the said amount. This sounds dubious and up to something. Megan is lying about the software being free; this is her trick to convince you to download it. Don’t dare. It will squander your money.

She has gone on to claim that you will be making $4,000 daily but you will have to donate 5% of your profits to charity. She is so cold-hearted. How could she use other people’s misfortunes for her personal selfish gains? She mentions that the charity fund raised will be used to help third world countries. Don’t believe a single word from her. No money will be used for relief. As a matter of fact you won’t make any profits and no 5% of your profits will be used for charity. She will do away with you initial deposit of $250 as soon as you deposit it. Therefore don’t dare deposit a single cent in this scandalous system.

You are promised to be a millionaire in a couple of months for you will be making thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Frankly speaking, millionaires don’t sprout this way. Also, it is impossible to make upwards of $4,000 from an initial deposit of $250 using the binary trading method. These are unrealistic profits that can never be achieved come another lifetime. This is her trick of attracting you and make you fantasize and hopefully convince you to deposit with her fake system. Please stay away from her dubious charms.

Megan Sanders System Scam is said to be efficient and accurate. It will never lose, its winning all the way. These are mere false fact about the app. The algorithm can’t be so perfect. Experts know better. She is being unrealistic and exaggerating way too much. Be wise and flee from her unrealistic algorithm.

Megan is such a funny lady, she is a self-made millionaire as she claims attributing all the wealth to her previous job as a financial analyst. She continues and says that the app is completely automated and will be trading for you even when you are not watching it. She also adds that you don’t need any formal training to use the app, all you need is to download it and start making profits. All these are lies, she is not a millionaire as we have seen above that she is extorting money from innocents in the name of charity and the she never explained how this alleged automatic app works. Just empty words.

The video presentation has several testimonials. All speak in favor of the scam app. This is suspicious. We discovered that these are actors and actresses from They are meagerly paid to lie. That is their job. Don’t believe a word from them. They are reading scripts to impress the cyber criminals behind the scenes.

The alleged CEO is not well informed, she says that you will be making profits using the system 24/7. This is impossible for financial markets are usually closed on weekends. You can’t trade when the markets are closed. Stay away from this liar who know nothing about binary trading.

Who is Megan Sanders??

She is a paid liar hired to represent the criminals paying her. We searched on the social media and search engines but didn’t find any CEO named Megan Sanders. But we found something worth knowing, many reviews exposing her as a scammer. She is nobody in the binary trading industry.

Is Charity Profits App A Scam?

From my full review and research I am concluding that this is just another scam that you need to avoid. This has also been verified by both Binary Options Gorilla and The Binary Options Army who both exposed this scam in their Charity Profit Apps Review

Conclusion from Charity Profits App

Regrettably, newbies in the binary trading option will fall for this trap just like the Gemini 2 and Instant Cash Club Scams. However, from our well researched and backed with facts review shows the true colors of the alleged CEO and the awful methods she is using to steal money from innocents. The Charity Trading App is unreliable and misleading. Investing with it is throwing away your hard earned money. We are pretty sure you don’t want that, that is why we took our time to inform you. We have no other choice but to term this app a scam and warn you not dare spend a dime on it.

Verdict: Charity Profits App or My Profit Formula is a scam just trying to steal your money pretending to be a charity.

Hopefully you haven’t been caught by Megan and her team of scammers. The Charity Profits software is going straight on my Scam List. If you are looking for systems that do actually work then make sure you check out my Trusted System List which I keep updated with anything that is actively working for me.

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to get in contact with me

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