CopyOp Broker Review

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Copyop Broker Review

There is no evidence from the Copyop website that any bonuses or perks are available to any clients, either newly registered or existing, however their trading software is innovative and intuitive, offering a modern trading experience for clients at all levels. Customer support is somewhat lacking when it comes to offering a breadth of contact options and there is very little information available about the number of assets available for trading, although they encompass currencies, stocks, indices and commodities.

Review Overview

Bonuses – 50%
Software – 90%
Customer Support – 50%
Options Choice – 50%

Good quality broker

Summary : Very trusted broker


Copyop is an innovative social trading binary options platform which was only launched a couple of years ago as the first ever platform of its kind. This broker offers a unique set of features, allowing clients to copy other designated traders and to benefit from professional traders’ knowledge with just one click. This innovative broker helps traders to manage their own level of risk while offering excellent security.

Company Information

Established as recently as 2020, Copyop was the first ever binary options social trading platform and was a pioneer in its field. Owned by the same team that is behind the world’s oldest binary option broker sites, Anyoption, Copyop is regulated by CySEC and the South African Financial Services Board for the client’s peace of mind. Copyop is operated by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd and is based in Cyprus. Offering over 5 million copyable investments each year, Copyop is an interesting choice of broker for anyone who is looking for an unusual and forward thinking trading experience.

Assets Available

There is no information available on the Copyop website to show the number or type of assets that are available for trading with this broker. The only details provided show that this broker offers a range of local and global assets from top worldwide stock exchanges including currencies, indices, stocks and commodities.

Bonuses & VIP programs

Copyop does not appear to offer any types of bonuses to clients, whether they have newly registered for a live trading account or whether they are already existing clients. There also appear to be no specific VIP perks or bonuses for high volume traders.


Copyop’s web based trading interface can be accessed at any time and from any worldwide location using any device that is internet enabled. However, for those who are looking for an even more convenient solution for trading on the move, Copyop also offers free mobile app which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play store for iOS or Android devices. This app offers all of the functionality of the desktop version, giving clients the freedom to access their account seamlessly at any time and in any place and to execute trades while away from their desks.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Copyop allows for deposits and withdrawals to be made via several convenient methods including:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards including Visa, Amex, MasterCard
  • Bank wire transfer

Deposits can be made in one of three currencies: Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. Withdrawals can be easily and quickly actioned through the client account area of the website and credit card withdrawals attract a fee of 3.5% while bank wire transfer fees are charged at a rate of 30 Euros/US Dollars/Pounds Sterling.

Customer Support

Copyop offers limited methods by which their customer support team can be contacted. There is a web form which clients can complete on the Contact Us section of the home page to have their questions addressed, or alternatively there is an email address which clients can use. There is no provided telephone number for a helpline and there are also no live contact methods by which a representative can be spoken to urgently. There is a frequently asked questions section of the website which aims to address some of the most commonly raised questions, and this could prove useful for those who are looking for a brief and concise response. The website is available in multiple languages to serve the needs of clients from around Europe including:

Extra Features and Resources

Copyop do not appear to offer any educational resources or any additional features above and beyond their basic trading platform for the benefit of its clients.


Overall, Copyop is an interesting and unique concept in binary options brokerage services, and may be an exciting choice for traders who are interested in social trading and who are keen to try a new and different trading experience. However, there are a number of downsides to choosing this broker that may deter a number of investors.

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    Best Binary Broker 2020!
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    Trustful broker.

  • Web based and intuitive trading platform
  • Unusual and original concept in social trading
  • Strong encryption for the client’s security
  • Regulated by CySEC and the South African Financial Services Board for the client’s peace of mind
  • Segregated funds
  • Free mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices
  • Multilingual website
  • Operated by a reliable company
  • Traders from outside Europe are not accepted
  • No e-Wallet payment methods are accepted
  • No bonuses or VIP perks
  • No live chat contact options

Why does Copyop stand out from other brokers?

Copyop is a unique choice among online binary options brokers as it was the first ever social trading binary options platform. Founded in 2020, this broker is an original concept in trading which allows European traders to select an asset in which they have an interest and to copy the trades of professional and skilled investors in order to maximise their profits. The unique feature offered by Copyop is the social experience of trading and the sense of fun that it brings to the financial markets which is something that other binary options brokers do not offer. Copyop only offers 100% accurate and real data with all profiles belonging to genuine traders. Because Copyop is connected to the popular Anyoption platform, a well known and reliable broker, clients have the choice of tens of thousands of trades every hour to ensure that they have the best possible chance of making a profit from their investment.

Is my money safe with Copyop?

Traders can rest assured that their financial and personal information is in safe hands with Copyop. Not only is this broker regulated and licensed by the South African Financial Services Board and CySEC but it also holds all client funds in segregated accounts for extra security and for the client’s peace of mind. Not only that, but the entire website and all financial transactions processed through it are protected by strong technologically advanced SSL encryption to guard against potential cybercrime and hacking so all clients can be certain that their money is in very safe hands.

Can I trade from my mobile phone with Copyop?

Trading on the go is extremely popular with today’s modern investors, and Copyop have ensured that this is a service that is available to all of its clients. The Copyop trading platform is 100% web based so that it can be quickly and easily accessed from any internet enabled device without any need for memory intensive downloads or installations, however for even greater convenience, Copyop have also developed a functional mobile app which is downloadable free of charge to Android or iOS devices for a seamless trading experience while on the move.

How does Copyop work?

Copyop works in a different way to other binary options brokers. When a client trades through the Copyop platform they copy another trader by applying their trade to their own trading account. This means that the system copies the trade on the client’s behalf, selecting the same asset, the same level and the same direction as the chosen trader. The client can choose their own investment amount, the asset and the total number of investments that they wish to make. By carefully choosing the most skilful investors to copy, clients can maximise their profits and learn more about the principles of successful investment.

English isn’t my first language, can I view the website in my home language?

The Copyop website is available in multiple languages to cater for the needs of clients around Europe. The available language options include:

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (25.11.2020):

Copyop has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

Copyop is not your typical binary options trading site and it’s not meant to be. It is a little hard to describe because it is more like a follow the leader type site than it is a true binary options trading site. It could probably more easily be compared to an auto trading robot that tracks people’s trading skills as opposed to asset analytics like most auto trading software does.

The site is run by the same company that runs the world’s largest binary options trading site, Anyoption. It is a relatively new site that was just launched earlier in 2020. It expands on a popular new way of trading binary options called ‘social trading’; which basically means you don’t do any technical analysis yourself; you just mimic the trades of other more experienced and consistently profitable binary options traders. You can copy the trades of those people who trade on the Copyop or Anyoption websites. It is really the first ‘full-fledged’ social trading web broker.

For the purpose of this review we will not add information about the Anyoption website. There is a full review here under are binary options broker reviews section if you want to learn more specifics about Anyoption.

There are two ways in which a trader can register to trade on Copyop;

  1. either by signing up for the website directly
  2. or by linking to it from the anyoption website.

You might want to consider doing the latter if you are the type of trader that likes to take advantage of some of the bonuses that Anyoption offers. One of the nice things about each site is your deposited funds can be used on either site too. You might want to note that we actually had to ask for the bonus after signing up and you have to be aware there are trading minimums before any bonus money can be withdrawn too.

There are 3 different choices of currencies that can be used to open an account in Copyop;

You have to be careful which one you pick because after the initial deposit you can only add or withdraw money in the same currency. You do not actually need to deposit money to open an account and this will allow you to check out the traders you can follow and see the features of the website. After doing this you can pretty much expect a phone call from the Copyop sales team to help you out.

Who are Those Traders that You can Copy?

There is no set format to whose trades you can copy; you can copy any person that trades on either site and any person can copy you. Really the only condition is a trader can only have a maximum of 100 people that copy there trades.

As we did our review we only saw one instance of a trader being maxed out. You can also keep an eye on a specific trader without making trades and have it displayed on your social trading feed. There is a lot of flexibility built into the web platform as far as how you look at another investors trading.

Another thing to note is there is no slippage with Copyop like there is with FOREX social Trading. Slippage is the difference in the trade from when the person whose trades you are copying and the price when you decided to copy is factored in. You get the identical trade parameters as the person you are copying with Copyop. The drawback is you get slightly lower return on investments than the person you decided to copy. Most people accept this as the cost of being able to access the service.

Most sites that allow social trading only let you do it with FOREX but that is not the case with Copyop. You can use it with stocks, Indices, commodities and FOREX pairs. Interestingly enough you will be rewarded if you place trades and people copy you. You are copying real people who are risking their own money so that in itself should increase your confidence level in the trading process. There is a small payout on losing trades too. You can increase your profit by watching traders and manually copying their trades instead of using the ‘automatically’ copy feature; of course this takes more time too.

Video: Copyop Social Trading App

How to Observe and Select Which Traders You Copy

In order to be successful with this web broker you need to know how to pick out the successful traders. With what we teach you here you will be able to choose traders to copy from both Copyop, Anyoption, Banc de Binary and 24option as was mentioned before.

Keep in mind that you can’t see every trader at once or look at a list of traders results, that is probably where the risk of trading this way comes in bit you can hot the ‘random explore’ tab or the ‘hot list’ tab to try discovering new traders to follow who have a record of success. The explore tab brings up random traders that have recently traded and the hot list brings up traders who are trading well as of late.

Here is a list of what you can see about each individual trader:

  1. Nickname, country, joining date, risk percentage
  2. Number of people watching them
  3. Number of people copying them
  4. Hit % on their own investments
  5. Longest winning streak
  6. Number of trades per day average
  7. Incremental hit percentage
  8. Last three trades
  9. Asset breakdown on their trades

One of the big drawbacks with Copyop is that you can only see the last three trades an investor makes and not a complete history of the clients trading or their current open trades; this is consistent with other sites that allow social trading also. The most useful stat is probably the trader’s hot percentage when factored on their last 120 trades. The lack of detail on the trader that you want to copy is what keeps people from doing social trading a lot of the time.

Screenshot of Copyop Website

How Copyop Handles Risk and Money Management

As with all binary options trading, on Copyop you will know and be able to assess risk before you make a trade. It is one of the nice benefits when it comes to binary options trading. That is a lot different than say FOREX trading where you have virtually unlimited risk until you get to your stop level. Even when you are copying other investor’s trades you still get to assess the risk versus reward on that trade before you execute the copy feature.

When you copy a trader you will be asked the following:

  • Exactly how many of the investor’s trades do you want to copy
  • The amount per each copied trade
  • What assets are involved in the investor’s trades that you want to copy

You may stop copying a trader at any time you so choose.

It must be noted that when you are copying trades the amount you invest stays the same per trade regardless of what the person you are copying invests. So you must be aware that there is no proportionality in percentage to the amount the copied trader invests. It is fixed for every trade you copy for the amount you selected for each copied trader. Because of this your results will never be exactly the same as the trader you copy. As explained before you will also not receive the same return on investment as the trader you are copying because they get a small percentage of what you make on the trade.

You can do such things as only take the trades of the people you are watching that they invest the most money. This may give you an indication of their confidence level in a particular trade. Someone who invests $2000 in a trade is obviously more comfortable with that trade than a person who only invests $200 on the same trade. You can study the information given on each trader and come up with your own conclusions for each trader and invest accordingly. If you watch a trader long enough you can really pick out the reasons why they are winning on certain trades and not on other ones. For example: A trader may only have a 40% success rate when trading but an 80% success rate in trades involving gold; so you would want to copy this trader only when they do a trade that involves gold as an asset.

Copyop Costs and Fees

There are not a lot of fees and costs as far as Copyop is concerned. Signup is totally free and you can even make one totally free withdrawal each month.

Copyop Customer Support

Customer support options are limited but functional. You can only contact this web broker by email or contact form; that means you can rule out ever getting a quick answer to a question or concern. We were not thrilled with that aspect of their customer service at all; as a matter of fact the average response time to the questions we submitted was three to four days and improvement is certainly needed in that area.. The FAQ page is not extensive either but what is there is very thoroughly covered and explained well.

There are a lot more support options for their sister site anyoption, so again we lean toward accessing Copyop after you sign up for an account with anyoption.

Copyop does have a nice variety of learning tools that they give access to those that register for their website.

Social Media Access

Copyop does allow it traders to connect using their Facebook account too; once you do this your friends can see your trades and vice versa. We are not sure why you would want your friends to know you trade and how much but this could be useful if you had an account that was made up of just trading group friends.

Copyop Demo

Unfortunately Copyop does not provide their users with a demo account at this time. As was mentioned before they do allow you to see the features of the website and follow some traders after signing up even if you have not made a deposit. At least that way you get a little sneak peek into the website. It will give you a good idea how successful a lot of the traders are on the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Takes statistical analyses out of play
  • It’s an excellent site for those with no binary options trading knowledge to make money
  • There is a large selection of traders that can be copied because you can copy those from their sister site anyoption; it’s the biggest binary option web broker in the world
  • Simplifies social trading
  • You copy traders that are risking their own money and you can copy anyone
  • The site has an easy to understand user interface
  • Tools to limit and manage risk


Our Final Thoughts on Copyop

This site is very different from other web brokerage sites for sure. As we stated it is much more a form of auto trader than it is a binary options website but you can still place your own trades too but make no mistake about it the site is made to help you coattail off the success of experienced traders. There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons so clearly this type of website is not for everyone. If you’re into trying to profit from other trader’s skills then there is no harm to giving Copyop a try. You may want to consider signing up for their sister site Anyoption so you get the bonuses they offer and can still access Copyop too.

a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

Social trading is moderately innovative fact that took the binary trading industry with a step. Basically, it makes use of the ideologies of social networks and trading signals in one single service that is very much vital. Even though it is a bit different from automated trading and it still facilitates traders to create decisions and place trades without any prior analysis, experiment or concentrated learning.

In fact, CopyOp is an important social trading platform by a broker AnyOption. It is an outstanding social trading platform that can help the valued traders to place successful trades with the help information on how other traders make decisions on the basis of platform and whether they are winning or not in the binary options trading industry. Generally, on the basis of selected asset a trader can simply go after definite traders and facsimile their trades or copy trades. The platform is furthermore CySEC regulated which makes it further dependable and secured.

Basic information:

Online since: 2020
Jurisdiction: Cyprus
Software: SportOption
Max Returns: 85%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Investment: $10
Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR
Mobile: No
Countries: All Countries

– No false promises to make you rich within 1 hour
– Low minimum deposit
– High returns

– no Live support

Binary Minery Rating:

Registering with CopyOp

The user first must finish the registration process simply by filling the registration form with a view to copying trades on CopyOp very consciously. Moreover, CopyOp is not requested a lot of details. Some fundamental requirements are needed like name, email address, contract number etc. So, it is really simple and traders oriented. One thing is very important that there is the vast opportunity to personalize the avatar image that represents a trader smoothly.

After completion this integral and easy process, the trader receives an insight to an astonishing trading edge that is very easy to utilize for all types of traders. Traders can also be familiar with the platform before depositing or investing any real money. There is no demo account here but traders can be still observed and impression.

Social Feed by CopyOp

Social feed is actually that one which makes trading with CopyOp unique. For instance: the valued trader can decide to facsimile trades of the most excellent traders overall, asset experts that are experienced in certain marketplaces and they can go after the most excellent copiers or merely prefer the greatest winning trades. There is also the extreme possibility to follow the trades as they have been done in real time very smoothly and easily.

In this way, the valued traders can get a turn in trading in a mind-blowing way how they approximating. One’s wishes can place and maintain trade, actually. In addition, the traders can trade by themselves and others can copy their trades as well. So, it is matter of learning in a unique and tactful way.


How to trade with CopyOp?

It is really easy to trade with CopyOp. It is one the top trading experts that did their best to make all trading very effective, fun, easy and profitable for the traders. It is really unbelievably simple in which after completion the login section, the trader can plainly enter into the trading platform. This easiness makes it popular and well accepted by the traders as well.

CopyOp Trading Platform

If you look into the CopyOp, you will get that on the right side, the social feed must be found. In indicates that all tabs with the variety of types of trades and other traders are carefully listed for the betterment of the traders and the user can simply find those types of trading that you are actually looking for. Moreover, on the right part, the trader will discover assets and those also divided into a number of groups. It is also probable to look for them depending on the asset type but also depending on the expiry time or even favourites. So, it is very much clear for the traders.

Moreover, once the asset is made carefully, in the centre of the trading platform, a trading diagram will demonstrate up before you. The trader can go after the value fluctuations and even place unique trades and the other traders can copy it for the betterment.


How CopyOp Social Trading Works?

It’s up to traders, since on the peak of the page, the trader has to set preferences firstly whether place his or her own trades or copy the trades. In case a trader needs to copy trades, he or she has to click on ‘Social’.

After completing the setting, the trader gets an impression or total overview of the circumstances in social trading that is actually needed. As a newsfeed in CopyOp, trades that can be copied are listed in the middle. Besides, on the left side, top traders are listed and on the top, the user can discover what the most excellent trade was in the previous twelve hours and who the best copier was in the past 24 hours very perfectly.

Every trade is placed usually in two options. One is to copy and the other is to watch that are very much reciprocal to the traders also. If a trader is decided to copy the trade, he/she will create an investment in the identical ways as the preceding trade. On the contrary, if he/she chooses to watch, the person will be taken further to observe the list and user will be informed all time that person makes. There is even a ‘buy’ button that indicates the trader can buy that trade from the preceding proprietor. It is really reciprocal.

Profits on CopyOp

In CopyOp, additional money can be achieved placing trades. Every time someone goes after a trade, the trader can be awarded in CopyOp coins that can be transformed into real money without any additional conditions. That is a popular system in CopyOp.

On the basis of the terms and conditions of CopyOp, traders can also benefit from bonuses and many other benefits and opportunities. The demanded proceed on this platform is x15.

Moreover, according to the CopyOp traders, traders can expect up to 80% returns and the most excellent thing about this platform is that trader invests their real money and obtains awarded in case they trade very productively. This stimulates high-quality trading to turn out to be even better and increases the possibilities to make a profit for beginners.

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