Review Is Forex King LTD Scam or Paying

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Forex King is a Scam?

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Trading binary options may not be suitable for everyone and may also not be legal in your jurisdiction,make sure you are aware of the risks involved as there could be total loss of capital. Don’t trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Binary Options is prohibited by the ESMA. cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from use of information on this website. The FTC Required Affiliate Disclosure: is a professional review site that is independently owned and as such, opinions expressed here are our own. We receive compensation from companies whose products we review. However our professionals test each products thoroughly and recommend the best.

Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes Review: Is Forex King LTD Scam or Paying? is just a scam and Frank Deigo Louis with Instagram id @franklouis0018 is a scammer and fake account manager. is just a scam online forex broker. Never trust them at any cost they are faking people with fake agendas of making huge profit out of small investment like $350 and show you some fake profit and ask you to pay 10% commission of the profit and scam you more. And they never reply to the chat on their website if you have any complaints. I personally have been got cheated through a fake account manager who’s has named himself as ‘Frank Diego Louis’ and Instagram account id is ‘@franklouis0018’ and he also uses some other fake IDs to grab your attention by motivating you to trust him. And so called frank will only chat with you on WhatsApp n Instagram and will never ever come on a phone call with you neither a video call no matter how much you ask him for a call. But it’s all fake and scam. Frank will keep replying to your every messages with every calmness and gives a quick reply to your messages anytime you reply to him no matter whether it’s so late at night or anytime during day and when asked he says it’s an automated forex machine he is running so he will always be free. Lies after lies and keep contradicting on words and doesn’t even have license.

There are so many websites similar to which has everything similar but just the name is changed.

I wanted to bring this to notice of everyone and if some one can take actions against them.

If someone wants to contact me they can reach me through email at [email protected] and I can reply to you.

I have actually found a list of companies who has same websites and just the name is changed. They are all cheaters and just online scammers.

Thanks and be aware of indexcryptomarket it’s sucks.

I invested 80,000.00USD to the Utrader investment company, the company kept requesting for more money when I requested for a withdrawal of my invested capital,
and they stop replying to my emails and they are not taking their call. and they finally logged me out of my account and my access to my invested capital.
I was referred to a recovery expert by my military uncle who also had same issues with his broker.I was able to get my investment back through the help of the binary option trade funds recovery company,Mr Marthins did it. And his team worked relentlessly to get my refund I don’t know how they did it but they finally restored happiness in my family,I promise to recommend them after my funds has been recovered as a sign of gratitude for a job well done..Feel free to reach out to him via his email address: [email protected], and he will guide you on steps to take and get your investment refunded back to you.

I am a civilian binary options and cryptocurrency fraud researcher/investigator.

Due to my research work and civilian stature I have been unofficially tasked by the right people with gathering as many victims from the following broker sites (down below) as possible for a submission to the US government in order that legal action can take place. So, my focus is on connecting with US victims of these sites, but I am also making a list of international victims too because once the US starts to take action, other countries should fall into line.

The US is the only country to take action for the most part against binary options and cryptocurrency scammers, so that is why the focus on US victims.

My hope is that the US government will take action as they have with Banc de Binary, Spotoption, and now with Bigoptions which is before the courts. (please look it up).
I was scammed myself by Suisseoption, one of the websites listed; however, I don’t take things quietly, so now I have taken over (I own it outright) the website for my own work to help fraud victims. Talk about a reversal of fortune and making lemonade from lemons.

So, if you are reading this post spaced in between all of the scam and spam offerings, please consider adding your name. I’m hopeful that justice will happen and perhaps even some financial restitution with luck.

If you have ever felt like no one has listened to you, well,
that has changed. Instead of scammers getting away ripping off good people, join me and let’s send a message they won’t ever forget.

I would need permission, name of the broker website, how much was stolen from you, email, state, and phone.
You don’t have to disclose address, other personal details. There will be no discussion about money period.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.
Contact [email protected]

(The website is in development, but by the end of the month you will start to see resources and information for fraud victims).
Executivecrypto dot com
Swissmagnates dot artox dot win

To whom it may concern:
I am writing this with intents to express my furious anger, to expose the darkest corner of the financial world and to leak the unfair game rules for the end-users created and written by the broker itself.
I want to voice my story to the whole world so that the public, especially the clients involved in the retail sector can start thinking and finding answers to the following questions.
A broker house has so much power that it can just decide and determine the life and death of our investment/our money?
As retail clients and trading with leverages, when market conditions do not go our way, we suffer significant losses (no one to blame) and now we have to worry about getting slaughtered by the tricks and unfair game rules set by a broker?
A broker house can just reverse trades, manipulate any outcome, disable clients MP4/CRM and take back commissions and profits when it thinks it’s giving out too much away? Without even notifying the clients by any means possible as a professional courtesy?
My name is Ung Ka Seng Gordon from Macau. I am an IB Affiliate and a trader of forex. I have been trading on and introducing clients to a forex broker platform named Synergy Financial Markets (SFM), Which is licensed and regulated under ASIC with the license number 403863, FOS member number 26427. SFM is operated under the umbrella of Gleneagles securities, And Mr. Christian Dove is the CEO and part-owner who runs the show. I was introduced to the platform SFM by my up-lines and we all became part of a very big network of IBs and clients in Asia working with Synergy. The huge network was growing and going very well until it collapsed dramatically due to 4 huge incidents 1. Argonaut fraud 2. Pound price manipulation 3. Sirix Fallout 4. The sudden widening of the spreads, All of which, I will elaborate in details when I get a chance to in the future and if my demands are not met. I was one of the clients that stayed on and kept trading with Synergy when most left which I now regret every second of the day. The below is what happened to me that brought me to this boiling point and level of disappointment, therefore seeking justice and help publicly.
On June 27th 2020, I started using my own scalping EA to trade in my MT4 account number 428140 ( mainly HK 50 and forex currency pairs), During the whole scalping process of about 5 days, I was on and off making profits and getting stopped outs but I kept internally transferring my real-time commissions that I received from all the trading back to the MT4 trading account 428140. As you all know and I’m not ashamed to say that the whole idea of scalping is to earn commissions but baring very high risk while doing so. By July 1st, I had earned commission totaled $560,550 in my IB account number 766813, which is absolutely my rightfully earned commission money, without any cheating methods or any illegal ways of trading strategy, just purely nonstop trading with high volume and frequency. From my 5 day-trading, my 3 up-lines each had earned the following:

Name: Chen Chun Tung
IB number: 766000
Commission: $394,500

Macau :
IB number: 766120
Commission: $79,231.
IB number: 766121

IB number: 766517
Trade account:1450207821

on the day of June 4, 2020 , without any prior notice or any reasons given, all of our commission got reversed, taken back, brought back to zero, all of our CRM functions became inactive and not usable, all the trades from our MT4 trading accounts got deleted as if they never actually happened. Adding to the unfair, unreasonable and outrages manipulation to our commissions and trading records. Synergy further disabled my direct up-line Chan In Kei’s trading account 1450206504 where he was at the time making a floating profit of over 30,000 USD and now has got killed by the market conditions because he could not close any trades since July 4. We were shocked, angry and puzzled by SFM’s actions towards our accounts, investments, profits, commissions and money. So us 4 Affected persons got together in a conference call and on behalf of all of them, I wrote an email to Synergy’s support requesting any clarification regarding what happened to our accounts, they ignored and had so far send nothing back. We heard that Chrisian Dove merely dropped a line on Skype with our master IB Chen Chun Tung Saying that we did fraud trading and he was going to take everything back. I try to ask all of the readers of this email that as a client using Synergy’s MT4, how do we manipulate prices or do any fraud tradings? SFM has all the system to control everything not us. Furthermore, I remember Christian Dove went to Taiwan for a seminar and he had the China office opening ceremony in 2020 in Shanghai, I attended both occasions and we asked Chris face-to-face if Synergy allowed all trading methods, and these are his words “As long as my MT4 pays you, profits or commissions, Synergy will pay, so don’t Worry guys! Because every trade you put with Synergy goes straight into the international market of forex, I will never B Book any of you”. I now find it very hard to believe what Chris had said in front of at least 100 Synergy’s clients in the seminar and I simply think he b-booked everything and realized that he could not afford paying more than what we had invested – Clients loss . I sincerely hope that the related authorities can assist us in bringing justice to Synergy and help us get our money back, I am also asking in this email if any financial medias can help us in reporting this incident of SFM’s evil doings to their clients to the whole world with a hope to get our money back. I also like all the other platforms, wherever you are regulated to know about this incident so jokes like this will not ever occur to your clients where at the end of the day, we trust your platform with our money and invest with confidence. If Synergy fails to meet our demands, to pay us with what we deserve, we will leak more SFM’s evil incidents mentioned above in the next emails.

Attached are the evidence of our trading records and account history before they got deleted because fortunately we got them in the daily emails. I also included in the attachments the evidence of them inactivating our CRM portal, And on their website of SFM, Synergy Specifically indicates to the whole world that all trading methods like scalping, hedging are all allowed.

Two days ago, the four of us wrote to the support email of SFM stressing our firm intention to take it to the authorities and medias. In couple hours, they replied and dug out all the unfair clauses from the IB agreement that we lured into signing with them many years ago where there was not even a Chinese version provided by Synergy to make us understand everything. 1st, Synergy claimed that in the IB agreement, one of the causes states that affiliates cannot get commission from their own trades. This is something that all the IBs in synergy are doing and have been doing for years, and they just turn around and start saying we can’t after so many years of it happening when things do not go their way. 2nd, SFM insists that the company is protected by the confidentiality clause where the affiliates can’t make any claims or complaint against them. Isn’t that a joke where are you a dictator? 3rd, SFM claimed that in the IB agreement that we signed three years ago, The product list didn’t include indexes, therefore the way I traded HK 50 should not earn any commission at all. Times change, productline becomes extensive, contracts and agreements become old and outdated, and now they turn around fingering us for the wrong? When SFM is the one not updating all of our status and the services they offer. What Synergy is trying to do is just avoiding their responsibilities, finding ways not to pay and they are purely gangsters. When payout is too large, SFM uses the clauses against you. How about all the other times every ib gets commission from their own trading, and commission is always paid when trading indexes. This is truly taking us for fools, Synergy is Mafia and scammer.
I hope after sending this out to you all, you can help me in getting my money back and bringing justice into this.
I will elaborate more of Synergy’s wrong doings and their intention to sell the platform with solid evidence in the next emails.
Yours truthfully

“Which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade” is the frequently asked question and I want do give you the DEFINITE ANSWER.

Are you expecting that I am going to say something like EUR/USD on 5-minute time frame or GBP/USD on daily. No, it is not so simple, but SIMPLE ENOUGH we can figure it out!

The “PROBLEM” is that markets change over time. If GBP/USD was a well trending currency pair a few years ago, today it is another one.

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Here is a spammer’s message we got this morning. beware:
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I would like to report Opteck that has been deploying one tactic after another to prevent me from making a withdrawal of my money that I deposited on the 29th of May 2020.

I made a deposit of USD 250 and when I tried to withdraw my money I was repeatedly asked to verify ownership of my credit card. After sending the front and back of my card with all the identification required and a letter from the bank the delay tactics continued. The last email I received from Opteck states that the withdrawal request first has to be verified verbally by the account manager James Smith. I have phoned Opteck on this number +357 22 007264 asking to speak to James Smith and the consultant will not put me through to the account manager and instead tells me that a call back request will be submitted. Furthermore the email address [email protected] from which the account manager sent me an introductory email does not exist. I still have not received my money back and my withdrawal is pending despite all the verification attempts on my account that I have spent the last week providing. The broker has been giving me the runaround instead of refunding my deposit.

Lastly the reason I signed up with this broker was because it was recommended by profitbooster app: a software that supposedly sends binary signals and only discovered after registration that I had been misled as Opteck platform does not offer binary trading as the video by Peter of profit booster app suggests. This has been one big frustrating process and Opteck has told me that they take no responsibility for third party signal providers. They were very quick to deduct money from my account and I now find myself having to jump through hoops to get my refund which I still don’t have.

Forex signals and investment is a forex signal provider and a money manager trading on behalf of clients with live accounts at FinPro Trading (a forex broker). Here is Forex signals and investment face book page where they advertise for their services –

Forex signals and investment claims to make a return of 80% a month but you have to open an account with

I opened an account with FinPro Trading after a long conversation with someone called Noura working for Forex signals and investment. Forex signals and investment trades on behalf of FinPro Trading clients using the name Flashy Wael. My conversation with Noura was how they manage a return of 80% a month. She assured me in writing that, it’s impossible, completely impossible to blow out a client’s account using their system. So, I decided to appoint them as my money manager through a MAM account with FinPro Trading.

The first trade came 6 hours later and within 10 hours, there were already 15 open trades. I watched as they trade against the trend the entire time. It’s almost certain they want to blow your account. They would look for price to start moving swiftly in one direction only to see them open a trade in the opposite direction. A few trades managed to return a profit since their take profit was around 20 pips. Their stop loss is somewhere from 300 to 600 pips away with a take profit of 20 pips. They don’t close losing trades. They let them run for days until the market takes them out with a 600 pips loss.

What beats me is why have these people as money manager of their clients. Flashy Wael and Forex signals and investment can lie to the world how they return a profit of 80% a month but surely, FinPro Trading should know that this is not correct. They know how these people trade. They know how many of their clients’ accounts have been blown by this so called money manager. They have to convince me otherwise because I believe and Flashy Wael/Forex signals and investment are in this together to fleece money from unsuspecting investors.

Flashy Wael/Forex signals and investment had blown my account in less than 2 weeks. 19 trades were stopped out each with a loss of between 18 pips loss to 474 pips. How can an account survive with so many trades and such negative in losses? It would not matter whether I had invested $100,000 or $1,000. Each trade is opened using a percentage of amount of money in the account. That means when a $1,000 is wiped clean, a $500,000 account is wiped clean as well and at the same time.

I had a conversations with Noura when I realized trades were not going well. I asked them to close the trades but she always assured me that everything was under control. A couple of days before my account was wiped clean, I had a conversation with her telling her that should my account be wiped out, I would need a refund of my deposit because she had assured me that it would be impossible to blow a customer’s account with their trading system. She just told me that’s okay, we will see. She promised me this three times on WhatsApp and email. Once my account was gone, they blocked my number and I could not reach them but responded to my emails before they stopped responding to my emails all together. I sent an email to FinPro Trading asking them why they allow Flashy Wael to trade on behalf of their customers knowing too well that they lose customers’ money. They didn’t respond to my email until I told them I am reporting this on Forex Peace Army. A lady by the name Sneha Garg called me. She told me they cannot verify trading results of their money managers. I see other brokers displaying graphs of how their contracted money managers are performing. They know how much accounts have gone down in the hand of Flashy Wael. So, they must know he does really well for the company because they are able to wipe clients’ accounts in the shortest time possible. That’s why I believe FinPro Trading and Flashy Wael/Forex Signals and Investment do this together to steal from their customers. They have to prove to me and the world that they don’t know how money managers in their portfolio perform. Flashy Wael/ Forex Signals and Investment have signed an Introducing Broker (IB) agreement. Yesterday, I came across a video by Anton Kreil. I was horrified to know what these IB contracts and money managers does to retail traders. They work in cohort with brokers to ensure, 90% of retail traders lose at least 90% of their money in 90 days. Anton Kreil, thank you for opening my eyes. You can watch the video here –

Please, do not invest with these people. They are cons and someone should do something about them. My account number is 99990762. Email address of the lady who called me from FinPro Trading [email protected] Flashy Wael and his company, Forex signals and investment email address is [email protected] Email address of Noura, who works for or works with Flashy Wael is [email protected] Flashy Wael WhatsApp number is +961 70 090 746. They have now disabled comments on their Facebook page after people started complaining.

I have put these contacts here so you can verify all these details and ensure no one else who is fortunate enough to come across this article will fall victim of being scammed by these people.

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