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Lucrosa Review

Lucrosa Incorporated is an automated trading robot for binary options, originally released in August 2020. In March 2020, they changed their logo and started emailing us again to join them. Like hundreds of trading signals software, this product does not live up to real trading conditions on a live account.

WARNING: If you already lost your money using the software, you can read why here.

Most people use one of the auto trading systems you see listed here.

The Lucrosa Scam

John Lucrosa sounds very genuine when he says that he is looking for a few suckers to try out the Lucrosa Software. However this is not a new trading robot for binary options, and it has already proven to be a money losing product.

These are the red flags you should think about before making a deposit. Here is a direct quote from their Disclaimer Page:

“The Lucrosa promotional video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the Lucrosa 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes.”

On the Homepage they wrote:


Lucrosa Software Review

You can see reviews and comparisons of hundreds of trading robots here. The product that Lucrosa gives you looks like this (see below). It is a very basic automated trading robot, but we found something really interesting. When we analyzed their trading results, we counted over 75 trades placed in one day!

Every hour on the hour the system placed one trade, and then another one 10 minutes later. This makes your risk of losing everything in your trading account extremely high. There are not that many high conviction trade opportunities each day in the markets. It doesn’t matter if you are a real investor or a robot.

Lucrosa Software Settings

Don’t Use a Scam Broker

Every day traders email us about a new scam broker. You can see on this website, more than 200 reviews of binary options brokers. Sadly, most of them are offshore scams, and traders lose thousands of dollars.

During our test of Lucrosa, they recommend that we deposit money at an unlicensed / offshore broker that goes by the name Tradex Options.

If you want to trade binary options and actually be able to withdraw your profits, then read: Why investors only use a licensed broker.

In Conclusion

You have a decision to make; Are you interested in really trading binary options, or do you want to see if a trading software can make money for you.

If you want to trade binary options seriously, then you should choose a licensed broker from the Top Rated Brokers page.

Tell other readers how you lost money with Lucrosa in the comments section below.

Lucrosa Software Review – Confirmed Scam (With Proofs)

Lucrosa is a recent promoted binary options trading software. If you have got any mail and you are thinking to try out this system. Wait for a while and read this Lucrosa review carefully. Here, we will be sharing unbiased facts about Lucrosa system which will help you in taking the right decision. Currently, there are thousands of fake trading systems available on the web which is created with a motive to con people, which also brings us to the newest member Lucrosa software. So let’s move on to Lucrosa software review now.


Summary of Lucrosa Software Pitch Video!

Like all the fake trading softwares, Lucrosa also includes a shady video, which starts playing automatically when the site i.e., loads. As the video begins to play, a person who claims to be John Lucrosa is seen who starts up by saying “Do you want to make over $7000 a day?” In the video, he made many unrealistic claims and promises like you will be able to earn more than $7000 every single day, but it is not actually possible in Binary Options Trading with an initial deposit of 250$. Moreover, the unrealistic and bogus claims made by John Lucrosa does not end here.

He further adds that he will give $600 for watching his lame video, and adds that each member of Lucrosa software earns around $600 in an hour and around millions of dollars every year. Funniest part of his statement is that earlier he said that you can make $7000 per day and then he claims to make you over $14000 in a day.

He continues and adds that he is going to reveal some secrets in this video, which most people are hiding about of making money online. Also, he then brings up his software and also states they he will show the working of his software live. The person further continues gives a glance on how to get this software but seems like while making fake claims and promises; he forgot to explain how this system actually works.

As the video keeps on playing, he continues with his lies, but this time, he just goes beyond that level and tells that the person who will be joining today will have $ 7051 deposited in their respective account by tomorrow.

Now, before going further, it is advised that you stop watching the 25 minutes long video because at the end of video you will not get $600, as Mr. Lucrosa promised, and you will also not get any kind live demo of how the software works, all you will see in the video is paid actors and their scripted lies, Yes paid actors! And the reason, we are saying that you will find in a short while. In the 25 minutes long video, all we get to see are fake claims, morphed screenshots of the software. So, let’s move on to the reasons why Lucrosa software is a 100% scam.

Recently, we have also reviewed CodeFibo software.

Lucrosa Software Is 100% Scam. But Why?

Important Information Missing: Can’t trust blindly!

Like most of the scam trading software, Lucrosa website also includes basic things but misses out some of the most important details like information about their service, customer support, account types, help line number etc. Moreover, the most important thing which they forgot to explain is working of their system. How their system actually works remains a mystery till end of their 25 minutes long pitch video.

Is John Lucrosa Real? Should You Trust Him?

John Lucrosa claims to be a former hedge fund manager. According to his claim, he must be one of the leading trading mentor but strange thing is we’ve not heard about this name in last 5 years. Still, we tried to find about him over web and we were not able to extract single information about him. If he is such a well-known person in the industry then why there is not any information about him on websites like Forbes or any other popular magazine? It all just points to one conclusion only that John Lucrosa is not real and is a paid actor.

What About Lucrosa Inc?

We tried to find out about his company – Lucrosa Inc. Does Lucrosa Inc exists? Yes! It exists. Lucrosa is company which is based in US but John Lucrosa is not owner of this company. Seems like they have just randomly used this company name. Moreover, it was expected too as there is no information about John Lucrosa itself.

Fake testimonials: Just to convince you, nothing REAL!

At the bottom of the Lucrosa scam website, you will some testimonials, for a newbie who has not much idea about binary options trading, all these things will seem legit, but guess what all these are fake, yes fake! Notice that picture of Alice Smithers carefully. If you will do a reverse-image search then you will find that the same image is used in many other scams like Profit Maker Method, Cloud Trader.

How They Got So Many Users In Just 1 Month?

Well we have many reasons to call Lucrosa software a scam. If you have heard claims made by John Lucrosa carefully, then you must have heard that their system is live from many years now. So, We checked the registration date of their domain – and check out what we found. Their domain is registered just 1 month ago.

Should You Join Lucrosa?

A big NO! You can not make 7000$ a day by an initial deposit of just 250$ & that too on Auto Pilot. Well, this figure is not even achievable in manual trading by human then how a auto-trader can earn you this much amount of money? We recommend all of our readers to stay away from Lucrosa software, as there is not a single reason to join this system. Moreover, If you ever came across Tanaka Cargill Group scam, then you will find huge similarities between both the software, the only thing which is changed is the logo and balance amount.

Verdict – Lucrosa Software is a confirmed scam.

Best Semi-Automated Robot –

Note that Lexington Code software is not available in few countries like US, Canada. So if you are getting any error that this system/broker is not available in your country, then you can join BinBot Pro instead.

Final verdict: PICK or KICK?

There is absolutely no doubt that, Lucrosa software is just another binary trading swindle. Their site itself quite proves the fact, and the lame offers stated in the video seems too good to be true, the so-called revolutionary software also doesn’t exist for real. So, it is highly advised that you keep yourself away from this fraudsters because eventually if you invest in this kind of sites you will not earn even a dollar, instead, you will lose it all.

So what do you think about Lucrosa scam? We would like to hear about it in comments below.

Lucrosa Incorporated Software Review! CAUTION: John Lucrosa Trading SCAM!

Is Lucrosa Inc Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Have interest to invest into Lucrosa Software at Wondering whether John Lucrosa is honest about making $210,000 every month or $7,000 daily profit? WARNING! Please take some time in understanding our Lucrosa Inc Software Review before risking your money! It is without a doubt that binary options provides trader with a platform to make good profits online. However, due to its simplicity in concept, scammers actively take advantage to create poor performing software. Although there is only the simple Call or Put in binary trading, traders will require good tool and basic knowledge to earn consistent profits.

More importantly, Lucrosa Software carries various scam characteristics within its offer which aims to cheat innocent traders. According to John Lucrosa, this trading software guarantees a staggering $7,000 daily profits even from a low deposit of $250 (based on video demonstration). He also adds that Lucrosa Incorporated have generated an annual income of $2 million for each of their traders last year! As attractive as it may seem, such claims are only pure fantasy even for the best trader in the world. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with an offer that represents itself as a “Get Rich Quick” type of hoax that has disappointed countless newbie traders. Read More Details Below!

Lying Lucrosa Inc. and John Lucrosa!

It’s rather hilarious that John offers a $600 cash in the video presentation which ends up being a lie. In fact, there is no further elaboration of any sort after trader signs up to this fraudulent offer. First and foremost, John Lucrosa is a fictional character made to represent a fake establishment, the Lucrosa Inc in London. These is no actual business establishment or financial trading company with such a name based in London. Well, at least according to the internet as well as a formal business registry in UK. Thus, the person impersonating as a ‘delusional’ trading company is highly likely an actor that has no experience in trading.

To further strengthen the actor suspicion, John’s explanation on how the Lucrosa Software works is simply “spotting the same intra market patterns” and executing trades. As a trader with experience, we can strongly oppose to such a statement! Simply because intra market patterns differs almost every single day, thus, there is rarely a same pattern occurrence. So, by pairing an exaggerated profit of $7,000 daily to this aspect of the offer creates a very strong sense of BS.

A Bogus company with inexperienced elaboration of software functionality paired with unrealistic profits indeed provide a strong smell of SCAM!

Deceptive Testimonials and Meaning Spot Counters!

Furthermore, John’s pitch to needing only 21 additional members to bring positive reputation to his firm is only another delusive statement. As we have debunked, the invitation to be a financial partner with Lucrosa Inc is nothing but a false claim. There is no such business entity that’s going to make $2.1 million annual income for its members. Not to mention, the 21 exclusive members is yet another illusion because there’s no such limitation. Take the spot counter for instance, it simply refreshes the next time we visit the web page. Also the “live” spots remaining in a recorded video doesn’t make sense too. Clearly it isn’t a live counter.

Secondly, the testimonials from successful members are completely fake. We pinpoint that Lucrosa Software uses random pictures online which attaches to a fabricated trade history. Owing to the weekend trades in the trade history, it’s safe to assume that these are yet another false evidence. The reason to that is simple, market closes on weekends and there should not be any trading activities on the weekends. Hence, the trade history indicating such trading activities on weekends when it’s impossible indicates an obvious manipulation.

Lucrosa Software Conclusion!

Upon examination of proofs above plus actual complaint from traders, we can conclude that Lucrosa Software is a SCAM Auto Trading System. John Lucrosa and Lucrosa Incorporated does not exist which misleads viewers into their poor performing software. Instead of getting $210,000 per month, traders have been losing money to this deceiving software. Testimonials that attempts to support this unrealistic promises of $210,000 are essentially fake by adapting common scam tactics!

Seeking a LEGIT Auto Trading System?

We’d like to express our deepest thanks for sparing some time in understanding the Lucrosa Scam Review. In hopes that it brings vital information to the truth of this illegitimate software and actual trading profits. It’s true that binary options trading does provide a good platform for traders to earn money from home. However, it’s vital to have good trading tools and basic knowledge in order to gain significant chance of consistent profit! For examples of a LEGIT trading system, check out our list of Recommended Software.

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