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In binary options industry, a new trend that has gained popularity with traders around the globe are binary options robots. Thanks to technology innovations, binary robots are now the next generation in binary options trading that are capable of placing trades automatically. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, gaining profit automatically is no longer mission impossible. This page explains what auto trading is all about and how to find adequate binary robot software.

Every trader in the field of binary options trading most likely expects to earn money and earn it quickly. This is not a wrong or misguided intention. Nowadays, the fast pace is the normal pace. However, being properly informed is the first step in achieving what you want.

NOTICE: None of the trading platforms and robot products above are available for residents in USA.

Binary Options And Auto Trading

One of the best things that have happened to binary options trading is the opportunity to instantaneously place trades and have a thorough insight of the financial market. In other words – automated trading. Manual trading has been noticeably overshadowed. And it could not have happened any sooner. With all the advances in computer technology, automated trading is just the next logical step.

Automated trading is based on extremely advanced mathematical formulas that analyze the financial market and provide investment opportunities for the trader. In other words, it is like a personal assistant who will always generate binary signals and is capable of placing trades instead of traders. One of the robots that has proven to show results is Binary Options Robot, which is, according to our review considered one of the best binary software on the market.

If you want to know more about the role of robots in binary options trading, this page will guide you all the way.

Binary Robots and Auto Trading Signals

At this point, if this is your first encounter with the term that regards auto trading binary robots, you must have a lot of questions that need to be answered. Here are some of them:

  • How can I just let a robot place trades with my money?
  • How do I know that it’s reliable?
  • It probably costs a lot, doesn’t it?

On, you can find out more about the sophisticated design behind the trading mechanism of different Binary Robots. Binary options manual trading requires a high level of knowledge about the financial market, the value of the assets, interpreting the market fluctuations, reading charts and more. All of these steps are required for manual trading which means you should have substantial insight in the financial market. If traders want to avoid above mentioned actions, a possible solution would be to start trading with a binary robot that may handle automated trading on its own and do all these steps instead of you.

How Do Binary Robots Work?

This is where the auto trading comes in. Most auto trading systems are based on trading algorithms that generate binary signals. Some of the signals are free, but some of them charge a monthly fee. They provide crucial information in order to place trades at the right moment when the winning odds are the most optimal.

Basically, binary software does all of that for you, while traders simply need to adjust the settings. Robots that work on this principle, such as Binary Options Robot, are designed to maximize your winning chances. The Robot is set to execute the trades with most probability to succeed. Traders that decide to trade with binary robots will decrease the level of emotions that are mostly involved in a trading process.

How do I get a Binary Robot?

With the revolutionary development of auto trading, there are plenty of legitimate binary robots available. Most of the robots, like Binary Options Robot, do not cost anything and don’t have to be downloaded. Traders usually just have to be online and register. Once the trader registers, they access the Robot platform and make the first deposit with one of the brokers available. Some Robots do not grant access to the dashboard until trader makes the deposit with a broker. Binary Options Robot lets traders explore the platform right after they register. This is proven to be more user-friendly because it allows the traders to get acquainted with the trading platform first and discover the available features.

Auto Trading with Binary Robot While I’m Offline?

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different auto trading programs promising the moon and the stars to traders without credibility to their words. Some developers claim that their binary robot can trade while the trader is offline. However, binary options auto trading should be done while the trader is online to ensure a better overview of the trading process. Therefore, we prefer only the best binary robots that are verified by us and that place trades only while the trader is online.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education! Free Demo Acc!
    Get Your Sign-up Bonus Now:


    Trustful broker.

The fact that the robot trades only while the trader is online, is definitely preferable as it makes it easier for a trader to keep track of the trading and the outcomes of the placed trades.

Personalize Your Dashboard While Your Robot Trades

Once you pick your binary options auto robot and make a deposit with a broker, your Robot dashboard becomes your personal trading area where it is important to customize all the trading settings which instruct the robot to place trades the way you want it.

Some binary robots provide traders with features that let traders have more control over their trading dashboard which can lead to better trading experience. Features like Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades let traders determine an amount that the Robot uses and stops trading once it reaches it. Daily Stop Loss feature means you can put a spending amount and let Robot place trades and when it reaches it, trading stops. Max Daily Trades means you can put a maximum number of trades that you want the Robot to place and not go above it.

Most of the binary robots that we have reviewed also provide the VIP Account for users that offers additional features which are designed to let traders diversify their trading strategy with the robot.

Binary Options Robots and Brokers

From our perspective, binary options trading robot is quite favorable, valuable and extremely helpful software that may benefit all binary options traders, regardless of their experience. Traders sign in on the preferred robot’s page, fill out basic information and that is usually all that the robots need you to do. Everything else that involves risks is centered around the amount of money a trader invests. It is a personal decision and it should be made without any pressure.

In our opinion, high-quality binary robots always aim to trade with regulated and respectable brokers. This is important to stress because if you decide to trade with a robot such as Binary Options Robot, traders will have the option to trade with brokers that offer various types of financial services.

We think that one of the most common ways that give traders possibility for better trading results and higher profit is trading with more than one broker. Making deposits and trading with multiple brokers is more of a typical trading method among traders. It gives the traders the option to expand their trading strategies with different brokers, simultaneously.

Binary options robots should always make an all-out effort to provide traders with only esteemed brokers. If traders choose to trade with regulated brokers, they can find those brokers follow strict conditions of financial regulators that gave them the license, and these conditions must be followed through at all times.

Ultimately, the solution to successful auto trading is that the best binary robots fulfill their function with clear precision and provide the traders with the best service in binary options auto trading.

How to Open Account With Binary Options Robot?

In the article, traders will be able to find out a simple step by step guide on how to open a trading account with Binary Options Robot. Those traders who are still unfamiliar with this binary robot, Binary Options Robot is the only binary software on the market that enables traders to have 100% control over their trading portfolio. For more information about this robot, you can look our detailed Binary Options Robot review .

To begin trading with Binary Options Robot, traders first have to open a free account with this binary software . It is important to know that robot provides various trading services that include professional customer support which helps traders if they encounter any problems while registering or trading.

Open the Binary Options Robot Account

The registration process is really easy, you just need to visit Binary Options Robot website and start filling the basic details like first and last name, email address, phone number and choose the password you will use while logging in.

After a trader has managed to fill all the contact information, the last thing before opening the account with Robot is to confirm you are not a robot and to accept Robot terms and conditions. Traders are welcome to read Robot terms and conditions before they open a trading account in order to become familiar with all the aspects of Binary Options Robot software and it services.

Login to Binary Options Robot Dashboard

The moment you have managed to register with Binary Options Robot, traders will be logged to their trading dashboard. For easier managing of account, traders are automatically registered with one of the brokers that are available in their country. This means that traders don’t need to spend their time searching for a broker and register with it, but instead of that Binary Options Robot is going to assign one of the brokers and do it instead of them.

After the registration with Binary Options Robot, traders will receive a confirmation email with all important information.

Connect and Trade with More Brokers Simultaneously

Did you know that Binary Options Robot allows traders to trade with more brokers at the same time? Yes, you can register with more brokers from the same Robot account and deposit and trade with all of them at once.

Trading with more brokers welcomes traders to diversify their trading strategy and to experience various options which can sometimes be more interesting than trading with only one broker.

How to Open Account with other Brokers on Binary Options Robot?

This is very easy, traders will have the option to add more brokers on the Binary Options Robot dashboard. The number of brokers available for registration depends on the availability of the brokers in the specific country.

Some countries have more brokers available, while others will offer only one broker. According to Binary Options Robot, their development agents are continuously working to provide more brokers for traders.

In order to open a new broker account on Binary Options Robot platform, traders just need to pick the broker on the broker list and click on Open account button. The new window will appear and traders will need to fill contact information. The registration process takes less than few minutes.

Binary Options Robot and Payment Options

The most important information about Binary Options Robot is that this software provides 100% free binary options services. Traders don’t need to provide any payment details when they register or trade on Binary Options Robot platform.

Most of the traders are not familiar with this information and they think they have to pay for trading with Robot. Binary Options Robot also provides free binary options signals for their clients. Signals are generated by several computer algorithms that calculate signals with various mathematical techniques.

Trading with Binary Options Robot allows traders to have 100% control over their trading portfolio. This robot is different than other auto trading binary robots because it allows traders to choose if they want to accept or decline a trade. This makes Binary Options Robot a place that provides traders with free binary signals, but it waits for their approval and acceptance for each trade.

Why Trade with Binary Options Robot?

The great thing about trading with Binary Options Robot is that traders can choose to trade semi-automatically or manually and this depends on their preferences.

This binary software is, according to the Binary Options Robot developed and specialized for traders that don’t have time or knowledge about binary options. We all know that it is nearly impossible to invest in binary options without any knowledge about trading techniques, underlying assets, trading options and binary brokers.

Traders without experience probably don’t know that choosing a binary broker can sometimes be the hardest thing and that there is a big chance they will encounter a scam broker. To avoid scam brokers traders are welcome to read about brokers first. But even if they find an appropriate broker, some traders don’t want to trade manually so Binary Options Robot might be the best option for them.

According to this software, Binary Options Robot listed only tested binary brokers that are trustworthy and considered as reliable brokerage companies. The advantage of this software is that traders don’t need to search for brokers online, they are given inside the Binary Options Robot software. Traders are welcome to choose between several brokers and they can easily choose to deposit and trade with more brokers on the same trading platform.

Contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding registration process or adding additional brokers to your Binary Options Robot platform, you can contact their friendly customer support available via live chat or standard contact form. Customer support is available before traders even register with Binary Options Robot.

For more information about Binary Options Robot, traders are welcome to read our extensive Binary Options Robot review or other interesting articles in our binary options guides. Find out more about free VIP account and how they can activate and use for a whole month.

How to Open Demo Account? is one of the most famous award winning regulated binary options brokers on the financial market. There are thousands of brokers trading with this industry pioneer that provides supreme features which are supported by licensed financial institutions.

Many traders start investing in binary options without much trading experience and a demo account is an inevitable tool that helps every trader before he starts investing his real funds. In this guide, we will answer the question about how to open the demo account and what benefits traders have while they trade with a virtual account.

Find more about this broker in our review.

How to Start Trading with

This depends on how much experience you have with binary options investing. If you already have certain trading experience and you know what risks are included in this type of investing, then you can simply register with and make your first deposit. Although we do think it is always better to practice with demo account if it is available. In case, traders have the opportunity to register and trade with a virtual trading account first.

Traders just need to register with and the will automatically be awarded virtual account. After the simple registration with, traders will receive an email with notification about their demo account and available support that is provided if traders have any questions. virtual account comes with $10,000 of virtual funds. Traders only need to provide their email and password in order to open demo account. Other brokers usually ask for more details and some of them provide the first deposit in order to activate the demo. allows traders to register without the credit card details or any kind of payments. Virtual Account Features?

After they open a demo account traders can choose to place trades with different markets like Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Volatility Indices. The demo account welcomes traders with a walk through guide that shows a step-by-step instruction. Aside from the market list, traders can choose the underlying asset they want to trade with. The next step allows traders to pick a preferred trading type: Up/Down, Touch/No Touch and In/Out. Below the trading types, traders have the option to set the start time, duration or end time and preferred payout or stake amount. After the trade parameters are adjusted, a trader needs to predict the direction of chosen assets and purchase the trade. This step completes the trading process and a trade will be executed.

Below the trading portfolio traders can monitor the chart analysis of the market. The chart can be modified and its appearance depends on trader’s preferences. Traders can choose the visibility of the chart by changing the time interval which can range from minutes, hours, days or it can display ticks.

Traders can also define and display different chart types which allow them to have a better overview over their portfolio. Traders can choose between lines, candles, OHLC, dots, line dots, spline, table or cross-hair. virtual account allows traders to add or remove different trading indicators which make it more real so traders can have real trading experience even with the demo account. Traders can choose between a variety of trading indicators:

  • Volatility indicators
  • Overlap studies
  • Momentum indicators
  • Price transformation
  • Statistical functions
  • Pattern recognition
  • Bill Williams
Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect for Beginners!
    Free Trading Education! Free Demo Acc!
    Get Your Sign-up Bonus Now:


    Trustful broker.

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