Regal Wealth – Scam or Not

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Regal Wealth Review

Regal Wealth originally launched in 2020 as a binary options trading scam, and it is now promoting Forex trading. There are many people like you, who do not understand how these scams work, but if you read carefully we will explain it to you step by step.

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Regal Wealth Scam

Here is the most audacious part of Regal Wealth that shows it is purely a scam. They published on their site, (see screenshot below) that they will guarantee the first 50 members will make $10,000.

Who is Michael King, and how are you suppose to go and claim your $10K?

Are you going to send an email to the address on the Risk Disclaimer page: [email protected] Another interesting fact is that the video for Regal Wealth was uploaded to YouTube on June 1st, which is 2 days after the domain name was registered. (The website no longer works).

Any real trading software will clearly write that they make no guarantees about the software, because who knows what a software will do.

Regal Wealth Review

The first thing you will notice on the main page of Regal Wealth is that they show you “live results”. We immediately noticed a huge problem with their live results. May 30th is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom, and Memorial Day in the United States of America.

This means that the stock market is closed, and there is no trading in Google shares.

Regal Wealth Robot

Now that you see their live trading results are fabricated, you can have a look at their automated trading robot.

It doesn’t actually matter what the setting for the robot are, because we have no idea if it will attempt to trade Google when the stock market is closed or place random trades on the Euro when it is really trading with no basis to the algorithm.

Regal Wealth Automated Trading Robot

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Scam Brokers

The man in the video told us that we are going to be trading with a trusted and secure broker. He said that the broker is the one that they recommend.

The Regal Wealth software connected us with a confirmed scam broker that went by the name Secured Options. We signed up from Italy, and we could not find a license from CONSOB anywhere on the brokers website, because they are not a European licensed broker.

Compare Auto Trading Software

Most people use one of the brokers that are displayed on the Best Brokers page.

Australia ASIC Warning

“ASIC urges all investors considering trading in binary options to check they are dealing with an entity that holds an Australian financial services license or is authorized by an Australian financial services licensee and regulated by ASIC.”

Please share with other people which broker Regal Wealth told you to use in the comments below.

a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

According to Regal Wealth’s promotional video, Regal Wealth is a company founded by Michael King, a former elite Wall Street trader who left after the global financial crisis hit to found his own firm that specializes in high net worth individuals and celebrities.

Of course, because he is a charitable kind of fellow, every year his company offers 50 spots for free to the general public so that they too can enjoy a fraction of the financial success that he and his clients enjoy. The unseen narrator of the video, Dominic Ward was one such member of the public who got access to this amazing system.

So is Regal Wealth a legitimate company with a real system or just another scam? Read on!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided
  • Potentially unregulated and untrustworthy brokers

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is Regal Wealth Robot?

It should come as no surprise to you that Regal Wealth is a binary options scam, albeit a pretty slickly-produced one. First, while there is an actual wealth company called Regal Wealth, they have absolutely nothing to do with this illegitimate scam and would probably have their lawyers out if they got wind of it. As you can see on their real webpage, there is no mention of a ‘Michael King’ anywhere.

The people in the fake Regal Wealth video are nothing but actors, however, it appears that the scammers have a bit of a higher budget for this one and have elected to use real actors instead of cheap Fiverr hires. As with many of these high-production scam videos, it was shot in Portland, Oregon and utilizes local actors. We are not sure why so many of these scam videos are shot in Portland; but we do know that many of these scams are all actually run by the same people so perhaps these scammers are based in Portland? We can only speculate. In the meantime, check out the real person behind ‘Michael King’ below.

The video also contains several video testimonials, obviously actors too, of course. However, we were unable to identify them. That said, they did look familiar and are likely to be local Portland actors as well and we probably recognized them from other scam videos.

The Regal Wealth website also contains a ‘live trading’ chart that curiously seems to remain open even after the markets have closed; how strange! And to further entice people to join this scam, the site even has random pop-ups with undoubtedly stolen or stock images claiming to be new users that just made money using the app.


How Does It Work?

All these scam robots are basically affiliate marketing scams. The reason they are free is twofold: the first is that by being free, they can lure in more potential scam victims and second is because their profits do not come from the end user but rather their partner broker. You see after luring in their victims, these people are then redirected to their partner broker and upon funding of their trading account, the scammers receive an affiliate commission. By the time their victims discover that the robot (usually a generic automated trading software) does not work, it is too late because the scammers have already received their cut.

In our case when we signed up through Regal Wealth, the broker we were directed to was OptionStars, which is not a bad option. But still, we think having a choice is a must in this case.

Final Conclusion: Is Regal Wealth a Scam?

While Regal Wealth is a slickly produced scam; it is a scam nonetheless. Don’t let their more professional website and video fool you, if you sign up with Regal Wealth the likely outcome is you losing whatever wealth you invest. Skip this scam.

Regal Wealth Software is a SCAM – Avoid It!!

In today’s article, we are going to review Regal Wealth which is a popular trading system available over the internet and lots of users are ready to invest in it. But honestly speaking, stay away from it. It is a SCAM and you will not earn a single dollar using it.

We have exposed lots of trading software on this site and today it is the turn of Regal Wealth. We are going to share all the evidence which force us to call this binary options signal a SCAM. Even after reading this review all your doubts related to Regal Wealth will be cleared and you will able to take the right decision.

Basically, the aim of Regal Wealth trading system is target users who want to become rich over a night. The alleged owner has created Regal Wealth trading system in a way that users who are new in the line of trading will believe this to be the genuine trading system. They claim that with the help of this trading system you can earn more than $10000 in just one day. Lots of users already get convinced by this trading system and invested their money in it, but what they got is a SCAM. We are really feeling bad for them. We know that you are also wondering to invest into this trading system and that is why you reading this review because to know our opinion. Whether it is a SCAM or Genuine trading system.

Frankly speaking, we don’t have a single doubt, that Regal Wealth is a SCAM. Even we have gathered lots of proofs to call it a SCAM. You will read about them in an upcoming paragraph. But first, why don’t you know more about What is Regal Wealth and How it will help you to take all your money away from you?

What is Regal Wealth?

Regal Wealth is a binary Options trading system application which is created by Micheal King, who also call himself CEO of Regal Wealth Company. He claims that his system has the potential to earn more than $10000 in just one day. Even he want to give lucky chance to 50 users who can become part of Regal Wealth trading system so that they can earn lots of money. He claims that he will make all of them millionaires in few weeks.

Regal Wealth Software Review

Seems like Micheal king is a very kind person. We really appreciate that, but we don’t want to be the part of this SCAM trading system and will also try our best that no new traders become part of Regal Wealth as it is a SCAM.

You might be thinking why we are so confidently calling Regal Wealth SCAM again and again? This because we have evidence to prove Regal Wealth binary app a SCAM.

So without wasting no second, why don’t you start checking the proofs which we found against this binary trading system while doing a deep research about it.

Why is Regal Wealth Software a SCAM?

Regal Wealth Company doesn’t exist

While doing a deep research our first task is to check the existence of the trading software creator. And like most of the SCAM trading system, the CEO of Regal Wealth Company Micheal King didn’t exist in a real life. The worst part is that we find no traces of his company registration. We only found two companies with the same name out of which first one related to Real Estate and another one is related to Pension Fund.

Now who want to invest in the trading system whose creator and his company didn’t even exist in the real life. So we have no doubt that the aim of Micheal king is to fool other users who want to be a part of this trading system.

No Negative Review over the internet

If you Google about Regal Wealth trading system. You will not find a single website or trading forum that endorse Regal Wealth. Even you will find the reviews of the real users who already invested into this and get nothing. There are hundreds of users complaining about this trading system. Now if he only wants to give a chance to 50 users, then where these hundreds of users created an account to earn money?

Fake Beta Tester

As expected Regal Wealth also has a fake beta tester. If you check the site clearly you will find that there are lots of users who are very happy with this binary options trading system. But the truth is that all of them fake beta tester and most of them are Fiverr actors who provide testimonial and review for just 5$.

Earned Great Profit in Last year (Fake Statement)

If you check the testimonials of the fake beta tester then you will found out that they have earned a great profit in last one year. But when we checked the website registration date, then we found that Regal Wealth Official website ( was registered on 11 May 2020, now if the site is registered this year from where these fake beta testers were earning profit from last one year? It is confirmed that all of them are lying.

Wrong Trade Information

On the website, you will find that there is live result section of the trade, and the good thing is all of them are winning which assure users that software is genuine, but if you check those live stats clearly then you will notice that it is also showing losing trade as a WIN. Now this also confirms that Micheal is hiding something from us.

100% Winning Rate

From our past experience, we can confidently say that the trading system who assure you 100% winning rate is a SCAM because it’s impossible to achieve a success rate of this level in a trading business. The genuine trading system has winning rate of %70-%80.

Required 50 Member Only

It’s rush sale tactics which are used just to get more and more users into their fake trading system. We guarantee if you come back on this site after 2 weeks still this 50 users slot will never fill up.

Similar Scams

In past, we have also exposed similar scams like Easy Wealth Creator, Bank Tracker Bot, Perpetual Scam, Push Money app scam etc. As, it’s our duty to expose all scam with our readers so that you will not lose your hard earned money on any scam software. You can get list of all all scam binary signals on our Binary Options Scams page.

Our Opinion

We are sure that all the above evidence are enough to call this trading system a SCAM. On the basis of this, we would like to tell all the users to stay away from it as you’re going to earn nothing using this trading system. In case you disagree our proofs and want to be the part of Regal Wealth go ahead, but don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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