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Surmask Review: genuine or fraudulent medical store? Before ordering for masks online, it is important to check online reviews and see for yourself what experts have to say. This is because the number of fraudulent online stores that keep rising every day as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic is nothing to write home about.

Surmask Online Store located at is offering huge discounts on its masks. Is a safe place to shop? Should you comfortably dive into this ecommerce store? These and many more are the questions we hope to answer with our review of this online store.

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You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes or enticing offers. However, the truth is that majority of them are well disguised scams. In this review of Surmask ecommerce store, we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

What Is Surmask? Is a Trustworthy Store? is an online store that sells different kinds of masks such as the N95, 3 PLY, KN95 as a result of the Coronavirus.

This online store is offering itsbreathing masks for as low as $29.99. Sounds incredible right? Don’t be in a hurry to dive in!

When we checked the claims made by this website they seem too good to be true, and we couldn’t help but ask the same questions you’re probably asking –is genuine?’ is Surmask Store trustworthy or just a rip off scam? How do I know if an online store is scam or legit Contact Details – How To Reach This Store

Apart from their mail, which was hidden in their privacy page, surmask store does not provide an address or phone number with which we can reach them. This is quite disturbing, and could be a cause of alarm. Especially as we know nothing about this store before now.

Surmask Online Store Review: Disturbing Things Found

A quick look at other products on this website tells us it is too good to be true. ‘huge discounts and free shipping” Dang! This could be a bait. A ploy to make you lower your guards. Just like the popular saying “if it is too good to be true, then it is not good“. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to order from this store!

Below are red flags which gave us more reasons to mark as an Untrustworthy Store

Lacks Transparency

We always advice our readers to shop from stores where there are verifiable customer reviews. This online store does not provide real customer reviews. There is no section for customer reviews, not even a rating page. This does not settle well with us.

No Address

Unlike most genuine online store, does not provide an address with which we can reach them with. Infact, there is no About Us page to tell us something tangible about this, yet they want us to believe they are the best thing to happen this year. Not us!

It simply tells us that the people behind this store are doing their best to remain anonymous because they don’t have genuine intentions.

No Social Media Presence

Though this website shares a facebook button below its homepage,when we clicked on it we were only taken to a blank page. Even when we checked on facebook, we discovered this online store does not have a page. This speaks of a high level of unprofessionalism. In this era of social media marketing, no genuine store can exist without social media pages/marketing.

Anonymous Lots

This online store seems to be keen on hiding its identity. A search online about who the owners/owner are, does not show anything. The only information about this online store, is the one on the About Us page, which happens to be vague.

Zero Security Measures

This online store allows buyers to make use of their credit cards when they have not fully secured their website. What this means is that, this store stands a risk of been hacked, with the hackers tampering with the credit card details of people who have shopped in the store.

Is a Trustworthy Online Store?

You might probably think of giving this store a try probably because it looks standard. However the truth is that this store is among a chain of medical store scam which sprang as a result of the Coronavirus. Prior to now, this online store was not existing.

The people behind this store are using this period of crisis to make money from unsuspecting people. Beware!

Below are the number of Scam Mask stores we have reviewed over the past weeks- Emgeneral, Surgmask, Surmask, Thepricedp, YangtseMedical, Medicallex, Topsgeek, Meaier

Noticed any Suspicious store? Our Inbox is open to messages. Don’t forget to create an awareness by sharing this post. That way, your loved ones wouldn’t become a victim to online scams.

OUR VERDICT: is an Unreliable store .

Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time or getting a huge discount on purchases.On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous. So you need a guide to help you make a good decision. We have made it our duty, by exposing scams.

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Surmask Review: Is Scam or Legit? [Read This to Know] Review: Genuine or Fraudulent Facemask Store

In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, many stores have sprung up on the internet claiming to sell protective masks and other accessories. Is a scam online store? Or is legit? Because we are concerned about the financial safety of our readers, we did extensive research and made a review on Surmask. Please read our review before you decide if you should shop from this facemask store.

What Is

Surmask is an online store which claims to sell all kinds of health masks: N95, KN95, surgical masks, etc. Their masks are alleged to be built against the corona virus, thereby keeping its users free from contagion. They offer free shipping and delivery for customers based in the US, Canada, and Europe. Surmask is located on

How Does Work?

Surmask claims to sell WHO certified protection masks at very affordable rates on their online store, but should you trust them? The affordability of their products serves as bait to attract unsuspecting buyers. uses a very neat and well-designed website layout, with a good user interface, giving it a convincing feel. But this should not deceive you into believing is legit because most of these fraudsters go the extra mile to appear trustworthy. Surmask accepts payments made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Apple Pay.

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What We Found about!

Many customers who bought from Surmask complained about not receiving their orders after making payments. Their website,, after passing through a series of tests, shows it is less than six months old and therefore should not be trusted. The contents used on their webpages were copied from other sources, as we have frequently encountered the same contents in other fraudulent online stores. The other things we found out about Surmask which made us believe is a fake online store are:

  • The products sampled on are without customer reviews which is a bad sign.
  • There is no tracking system available on their website to monitor the progress of the ordered products.
  • has no security system to protect customers’ private details, therefore their details stand the risk of exposure.
  • We found no information on the company or the people behind Surmask.
  • The owner of the domain name,, is hidden because fraudsters fear to show their faces.

Verdict! is an unreliable store, like mygoodmask, cocoronamask, facemasksupply, medicallex and getsafemask, and therefore not recommended for use. They are capitalizing on the panic stirred by the coronavirus outbreak to defraud the masses, which is very unjust. If you buy from them, you stand the risk of losing your money but getting no product in return. Protect yourself from swindlers.

There are many untrustworthy online stores on the internet promising to sell top notch products but at heavily discounted rates. It is common to come across these e-commerce stores offering good looking products at appetizing prices. And in the end, such stores usually turn out to be fraudulent. Most people attracted by these “too good to be true” prices from these online stores have bought goods of their liking but received something different from what they had ordered, and of poor quality. Worse, some have placed orders with full payment yet received nothing but silence from the online vendors. You do not have to become one of them to learn from their experience. It is unfair to fall victim to these fraudsters and lose the money you earned from honest work. Fact checking should be a priority before you buy anything from an online vendor.

Press Release

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Feb 29, 2020 (Market News Bizz via Comtex) — Safemask Pro is the best protection against viruses and air pollution.

As we all know the condition of the atmosphere is not good. It is so much pollution. Coronavirus & Dust is everywhere. Smoke is all around. This dust and smoke have a very bad impact on human health. People get infected by it and get sick. They suffer from cough flue and different other diseases. So for protection, we introduce a face mask. A Safemask Pro is to be wear while going outside. It protects us from this pollution. Claim Your 69% Off Plus FREE Shipping Worldwide


A Safemask Pro is protection against POLLUTION. We wear them when we go outside the house. Mostly when we are a place that is dusty or smoky. The safe mask is made up of simple cloth and plastic. It is a very useful thing these days. Everyone should have it.

This is especially important knowing that viruses spread from infected person to person through coughing, sneezing, close personal contact, and touching infected surfaces. SECURE YOUR SafeMask Pro NOW, BEFORE THIS PROMOTION ENDS


The safe mask is not like other simple masks. It is an advanced mask. It has a filter in it. That filters the air. It has an extremely light and ergonomic design. It is very easy to wear. It is stretchable and easy fitting. All the features of this mask lead to the safety of human health. Click Here To Buy: Don’t Miss Out Today’s Special Offer


It is very simple to use. We just simply have to wear the mask and we are good to go. It has two ends that are meant to be tied together. The mask has a filter that stops dust particles to pass through it. The people who use the mask can breathe easily and freely. Thanks to the activated carbon filter, it’s able to stop 94% of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, pollution, dust, pollen, and smoke. During exhaling the valve opens and filters the air to breathe. And the carbon dioxide exits. There is no moisture in the mask. AVAILABLE FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS, BUY NOW


There are many advantages to a safety mask. Most of them are regarding to the health of a human. So following are the advantages of the face mask:

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  • The face mask helps to breathe easily.
  • The face mask provides a peaceful mind and comfort
  • It provides protection from the polluted air.
  • It is even washable after usage.
  • It is very cheap.
  • It gives a full nose and mouth protection.
  • It can even be used for a long period of time.


There are some technical facts about the safety mask. It has a facepiece. It has an inhalation valve. It is connected with the air-purifying element. It also has an area where the exhalation occurs. These all parts are connected with the bands.

  1. The facepiece is adjusted on the face that hides the nose and the mouth.
  2. The parts of the inhalation valve and purifying elements are connected.
  3. When the person wearing mask inhales the air the air first passes through the inhalation valve and then goes towards the purifying elements. Here the polluted air gets purified and the user breathes by pure air.
  4. The exhalation valve then opens and the user exhales the carbon dioxide back outside.
  5. Due to this opening and closing of valves no moisture in mask occurs. So the user can wear it for a long time period.
  6. Even if the mask gets dirty it is not useless it can be washed easily. After washing it is again ready to use. It is easily washed by water.


Sara From Alabama: Hey! I had suffered from a lot of allergic reactions. I was not even allowed by the doctors to go out because of the polluted environment. But by using this Safe Mask I felt safe and free from all the harms. Highly recommended!

Jimmy Pointer From Colorado: I used to travel faraway places on a motorbike. Those areas that I crossed were extremely polluted and I was often affected by the polluted air. But then one day my doctor recommended me to use this mask and now my rate of getting infected by the polluted air far less. So I will say it is worth using and it is even cheap. Due To High Demand, We Accept Limited Orders, Hurry Now

Avista From London: Umm… I was sick a lot lately. I was allergic to the dust particles. My doctor recommended me to wear masks. I tried many of them but none of them was suited for me. One day I was surfing on the internet and I saw the advertisement for this mask. It had many great reviews so I ordered it. It was really cheap. And yeah it was worth buying this mask is awesome. I recommend this mask to all others out there who are like me!


As we are living in the days of a new era. Pollution Is increasing day by day. Because the trees are being cut. And due to the increase in population number vehicles have been increased which cause the smoke increase in air. And because of this, all the infections are increasing germs are everywhere people get sick and infected easily.

So to protect people from these type of infections safety mask has been made. Like I said above it has its unique quality which makes this mask special and far better than other masks. You all can buy it easily online through the link I have given below. After buying the mask and using it give us your personal reviews and share your personal experience of the safe mask with us. Like was it worth buying or not. Did the mask help you guys like it helped Sara, Jimmy and Avista?

And make sure you buy the mask from the link I have given because of there many fake masks by this name out there as well. So be aware of the fake sellers and buy from the link below.


Safe Mask is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality. Must See:Due To High Demand, We Accept Limited Orders, Hurry Now

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