Tratika Review

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Tratika Review

Tratika was a binary options trading software which opened in March 2020. The Tratika software includes; binary option signals, social trading, and an automated trading robot. We have reviewed over one hundred trading systems, and this one is very similar to the one we saw called Traders Buddy.

When you signup to use the Tratika software, you are automatically assigned at random a binary options broker that they select for you. In our case, they assigned us an unregulated broker.

Although they advertise on their homepage that they only work with licensed brokers, that is not actually true!

Tratika Review

What makes Tratika unique is that they have something for everyone. If you are looking for social trading, they have it. If you are looking for automated trading robots, they have that too, and if you want just signals, they provide that.

The system has multiple options for you to configure, and this is the reason many people like it.

Tratika Binary Options Trading Software

Tratika Software Features

Social Trading: The way social trading works is that you receive trading advice based on how many votes the community gives a trade idea.

Semi Automatic Trading Signals: The system generates exclusive trading signals, alerting you of upcoming market trends, which are suppose to have a low risk, and high return.

Auto Trading Robot: The automated trading robot takes the signals generated, and automatically makes the trade for you. You can configure setting like the amount to trade for each signal, along with a daily stop loss amount.

Many binary options trading software you encounter online are scams, and they advertise 100% accuracy in trading signals, and some even claim to guarantee your success. When using trading signals, the decision is in your hands weather or not you want to place a trade, and if you think the signals are good and accurate.

With the automated trading feature, you manage your risk by limiting the daily loss potential. The amount of money you can make using the software is different for each user. Some people lose all their money in one day, and other people make money.

Watch Out For Scam Brokers!

Tratika is connected with a variety of binary options brokers, and they are constantly adding and changing the brokers they work with. When we signed up for the software they assigned us an offshore broker that is called BinaryOnline. Because they are not a licensed broker, we opened to look at one of the best rated brokers that has auto trading, see here.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect for Beginners!
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    Trustful broker.

One of the most heard complaints with binary option trading comes from scam brokers who are not licensed. You can see hundreds of complaints like this in the binary options forum.

The easiest way to avoid withdrawal problems when you are trading, is to only use a legitimate broker that is licensed and regulated in your country.


Tratika is Scam! Trading Software Review

For traders who want to know the truth behind this binary options trading robot our Tratika review is for you. This comprehensive review will expose the lies hidden in website. Some of you might find the application similar to other scam systems. This is not surprising since several applications were developed by the same group of scammers. They only differ on the logo and name but the platform are all the same.

According to them they have improved the most important aspect of the binary options trading. It offers the trader a peer-2-peer scheme that connects them with some financial experts. Tratika enables you to choose how you want it to work for you – whether fully automated or semi-automated. It has some training video lessons to provide members one step ahead against other investors. Also, they claim that has a user-friendly interface and has an easy to navigate design that appears to be very powerful. Unfortunately, we cannot find anything that will confirm all these claims.

Tratika is the latest binary option trading application which was launched only this March 2020. It includes social, automated robot and binary option signals. We have reviewed hundreds of trading apps and we find this one very identical to Traders Buddy. If a trader sign-up with them, one will be assigned randomly a broker that they prefer. These brokers are not regulated at all.

Although they mentioned it on their homepage that they are working with regulated brokers, this is untrue. According to them their application is unique because they have something for everyone. If a trader is in search for social trading, Tratika have it. If you prefer an automated robot, they can provide it to you, and if a trader wants only signals, they can give them to you.

Tratika is Scam – Three Evidences

Most of the binary options trading app you will see online are scams, and they usually claim 100% accuracy in signals, and others guarantee their member’s success. If you are using signals, it depends on you whether or not you will trade or not, and if you think the signal are accurate and good. As we continue with our Tratika review, we will present to you the proofs that Tratika is a scam and you should trust it all.

Official Website |

Let’s differentiate the three options. First the social trading, you will receive trading advice depending on number of votes the community provides a trade idea. The semi-automated signals produces exclusive trading signals that will notify you of the upcoming market trends, which are supposedly have a low risk, and high profit. The Tratika auto trading robot on the other hand takes the signals produced, and does the trading automatically on your behalf.

You can make some changes on its setting like the trading amount of each signal and the daily stop loss amount. We suggest that you read our Tratika review first before you decide.

First Evidence – Unknown Developer

The developer of Tratika was never mentioned in their It was launched anonymously in the market so people will not know who to charge in case of loss. Likewise, there is no details on how much traders can profit by trading using this application.

Most of the scam software do not reveal the real developer. Some may name their alleged developer or CEO but the truth they are fictional characters created by the scammers. Never trust an app with anonymous developer. It is an obvious indication that Tratika is scam.

Second Evidence – Uses Scam Software

Another indication that this platform is a scam is that Tratika is based on the same platform being used by other scam apps like Trader’s Buddy and United Trading. You can see their similarity at the above image. The only difference is the name and the logo, the rest are the identical. So, it applies the same scam app, the white label that is rebranded and promoted by many scammers.

But still they claim that their scheme is unique, different from the rest and others. The truth is that offers no real value when it comes to information. Likewise, you can be sure that the scheme is not related to actual buying and selling experts that one can copy to generate earnings.

Third Evidence – Not Free

Open a free account, this is another big lie. One will see this claim to almost all scam software online. The truth is that Tratika is not free. You won’t be able to use the application until you deposit the required amount with a broker you are not allowed to choose. You will not be able to try the real demo. They will force you to risk your funds with an application that you could not test. The actual purpose of putting up this scam is to profit affiliate commissions to those who run this app.

Tratika Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Tratika is scam. The evidences above are enough to confirm our allegations. Software with unknown developer is an obvious sign that you are dealing with a fraud. The claim that you can use the demo is unreal and the system it uses is a fake and it will not help you at all in trading. Be careful when choosing the right application.

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Tratika Review

Tratika Review: The Auto-trading market is abuzz with new entrants to binary trading, and it has added a new player namely Tratika Auto Trader. It has come into existence in March 2020 and offers signals, social trading, and an automating trading software.

As always, we follow our rigorous review process to evaluate and assess the auto-traders, and today we have put Tratika under the scanner. The following text describes the various pros and cons of the Tratika Auto Trader.

Tratika Review

The first thing we look at is to know about the promoter or developer of trading software. However, our investigation on the Tratika Auto Trader’s promoters has not yielded anything. We went through their terms and conditions and other available options on the internet to find out about the promotors but all efforts have gone in vain. This is the biggest red flag for us.

The unavailability of the promoter info on the website scares us and it should scare you too. The website makes tall claims about high and speedy profit but its promoters are not coming around to take the applaud!

Tratika Main Page

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    The Platform

    The website of the Tratika Auto Trader is a simple website which boasts about their system and claims that the various tools offered by the Tratika will dramatically improve the trading experience and reduce the risk. It claims that it is unique compared to their competitors and provides offerings to suit all the trader types. If you are interested in the social trading, they have it. If you are looking for an automatic trading robot, they have it and if you want just a signaling service, they will readily assist you.

    The Tratika offers three trading styles:

    Social Trading: It claims that it is a first of its kind of trading style wherein the system allows you to receive trading advice based on the vote of the registered users. Not only that, the Tratika allows only successful and professional traders to vote on their social trading platform. That way you will be given the apt trading advice, all the time.

    Semi-Automatic: The website of the Tratika Auto-Trader says that when you select the semi-automatic option, you will get exclusive signals for an upcoming trend with low risk and high return possibility.

    Automatic: The Tratika claims that in this option the software allows you to set your daily risk limit and max return, allowing you the complete control of the trading. The automatic option lets you enjoy the benefits of the binary trading even when you are not on your desktop.

    The binary auto-trading software indicates that you will get great success using their software. The Tratika software also allows you to trade in three different types of options to best suit your requirements. These are:

    Rush Option: These are short-term options and lasts only for 120 seconds. The rush options are developed specifically for the traders who prefers fast-paced action on their trading terminal. The maximum expiry duration in such options is capped at 120-seconds or 2-minutes giving ample opportunity for the traders for their adrenaline rush.

    Basers: These option types have expiry up to 4 hours, and is suitable for the traders who wants to take a trade for a day only. The Basers work well with the manual and auto trading option. The company calls it “basers” because they are derived from the golden mean of the market which establishes the trend for the day. The Tratika term them as the medium risk/reward options and are best suitable for the day trader.

    Investo: It is best suited for the conservative trader, as their expiry ranges up to 3 days. These are long-term options which allow you to trade 1-2 times in a week still, gives you the benefits of your investment.

    About The Website

    The website not only provides some luring investment options types but also provides education material to enhance your knowledge base. The website claims that their resource center is apt for beginners and professionals to get the edge in the market. The website also claims that it provides automatic stop loss facility through the risk management tools, along with placing an order well in advance and the software will execute at your preferred strike price. Not only that, the website claims that it has a dedicated support center to aid you in every walk of trading on the platform. However, the only option to get the help of the customer support is only through e-mail so I am still confused how in the world they are going to provide instant support.

    The website also indicates that unlike other auto-trading software which charges up to $ 2,400 annually, the Tratika is available absolutely free for the first 500 testers and they will be shutting the doors once the number has been reached. This is a classic marketing technique deployed by several of such software service providers, who are eyeing the customer’s fund and nothing else.

    Tratika Platform 2

    The website also claims that it is dedicated to providing licensed and regulated brokers for their customers, but when we tried to test that we were hooked to one of the unlicensed broker. So where did the home page promise go? Also, the risk disclaimer of the website states that “due to the high-risk nature of trading, ‘Tratika’ explicitly does not make any express or implied warranties or guarantees that users will make any profit or that users will not lose any or all deposited investment funds’. This says it all, as the claims made on the first page has been denied in their risk disclaimer and customers who do not have reading every aspect before entering an agreement will have a high chance of regretting afterward.

    Our investigation on the Tratika Auto Trader has revealed several aspects of the website and has created several doubts. The questions which remained unanswered during our investigation have been enlisted hereunder:

    Who is The Promoter?

    After researching the entire website, we were unable to find the ‘Name’ of the promoter or the developer of the software except for This is new as in most of our investigation we have found that people use some fake name to hide, but here the case is absolutely different as there is no name behind the software.

    This is a new technique used by the Tratika, instead of hiding behind some fake name they are hiding in the bright light.

    Is Tratika a Duplicate?

    While researching on the Tratika Auto-trader we have come across another website named “Trader Buddy” which has almost 100 percent resemblance, even the words and techniques illustrated in both of them are the same. We still wonder that which one is the original one. This is really scary, as notorious individuals have been creating a website after website to attract the naïve traders and trap them in their scheme of things.

    Is Time Running Out?

    The website’s home page prominently displays that unlike other websites which are charging $ 2,400 annually, the Tratika is available at no cost. The website says that “hurry, you must act fast” and adds that it is considering of taking only 500 beta-testers for their initial launch. Our simple submission is that if they are still in the initial phase of launching the software and seeking beta-testers then how in the world they have come to a conclusion that their software is profitable for the traders.

    Cooperative Brokers

    This is another aspect where the Tratika talks a lot but provides none. The website on their homepage says that they have affiliation only with the licensed and regulated brokers but sadly, it does not provide a single name of their affiliated broker. It clearly means that they are using the words to attract traders without providing proof of any affiliated binary broker.

    Which Trading Strategy Tratika Is Using?

    The website of the Tratika talks nothing about the principles behind the software. It remains absolutely silent on the theories used by the software. The explanation on the website is very vague and superficial which adds to our doubts. It seems that it is aimed towards naïve traders who doesn’t understand anything about the binary trading and it aims to attract them with articulated words.


    The Tratika Auto-Trader website uses a superficial and articulated language to communicate on the homepage but remains silent on several critical aspects of the auto-trading. The website does not provide any information about the developer or the promoter behind the software, principles utilized in making the algorithm, what is the success rate of the software, or who are the affiliates of the auto-trading software. The website cleverly mentions exactly opposite of the home page on their risk disclaimer inducing and adding to our long list of doubts. The complete lack of transparency by the Tratika Auto-Trader has raised several questions which still remains unanswered.

    Hence, our recommendation to all our readers is to completely avoid the Tratika Auto-Trader. We further recommend that you should consider the Option Robot for your signal service or auto-trading requirements as it has been in the service for quite some time and we have never seen a negative feedback about the same. The Option Robot’s transparency is the major positives along with its affiliation with known binary brokers like Banc De Binary amongst several others.

    Overall, we recommend nudging the Tratika Auto-Trader completely. We also recommend our readers that you should start your auto-trading journey with a well-known and well-established Option Robot.

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