XTP App Review

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XTP App Review

Post Updated: 14/06/2020 By Andrew 26 Comments

Hi, welcome to our XTP APP review. You may have recently received a email or text invitation to take a look at this new app or if you have been looking for a way to make money via the internet then you may have just stumbled upon it via a social media site. Hopefully you will have read our report on The XTP app before getting involved, and if you are thinking about investing in this system then please ensure that you read our review before taking any action.

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am the creator of this site, The Make Money Online Zone. Here we help people find genuine and ethical methods of making money online as well as reviewing products and exposing scams, to keep you safe. If you are looking for a genuine method of making income then please read to the end of this review.

What Is The XTP App? And Does It Work?

This new software was launched on the 27th of October 2020 and will be heavily promoted around the internet via social media sites and by email marketing campaigns. This system is based upon a system that the likes of these software creators have used to their benefit time and time again. The system claims that this is a binary trading software designed to automate the process of making quick and easy money online. In fact the framework for this system has been used by its creators many times, each time the same basic method is applied. The software claims to be a beta version of an amazing money making software app that you can use to make immediate profits. The software is given away for free, so you may think that this isn’t such a bad thing. In fact this software is a scam and in this review I’m going to tell you how the XTP App will take your money and scam you.

Is The XTP App A Scam?

Yes, in a word! My aim on this review is not to just tell you that the XTP App is a scam, but to tell you how it works any why its a scam. This software is no different to hundreds of others that are currently on the market, scamming individuals just like you. The fact is they all work in the same way but just use a different front and go by a different name. Nearly all of the time the software app is given away for free and we are given a bit of a story as to why its free on the sales page. In reality the real reason that it is free is because you have no come back on a free product. By not paying for it, you can’t claim a refund for a start. So where is the money made? And how does it scam you?

Well, once you have your free access to the software, there is the small matter of registering and depositing money with one of the “recommended” binary trading broker companies. In general the providers of the software will suggest that you deposit a small amount of around $250, sometimes there are options to deposit more, but the general rule is that you need to “invest” $250 in order to make your free software work!

The creators of these binary trading software scams are experts in the field of marketing and have access to thousands of email addresses that they use to recruit marketers. A binary trading software app like XTP can go out to millions of potential victims within a very short time. On top of that, the software creators are generally very good marketers themselves, they will create a sales video that is designed to convince you that their software is NOT a scam and that you should act fast in order to get this once in a lifetime opportunity!

What Happens If I Get Involved With The XTP App?

I have given you a basic outline as to how these systems work above. But I just want to make it clear exactly what happens when people get involved with these systems. Like I said before, most of them work in the same way, so if you see something similar in the future, then it probably is!

Here’s how it works…

The software creator launches the binary trading scam software under a new name, this time its The “ XTP App “, and asks a few hundred affiliate marketers to launch a huge marketing campaign to promote the launch, in exchange for a commission. The affiliates send out mass emails and promote the software heavily on social media sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

The average person looking for a genuine way to make money online is drawn in because they think it seems like a legit way to earn some extra money online, plus they like the fact that the software is being given away for free. The customer enters their email address and is given free access to the software but is then told that in order to activate the software they must first register with a chosen binary trading broker and deposit the minimum amount of money.

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They then deposit the minimum amount ($250 generally), and are then told that in order to trade in any way that your identity needs to be verified. And here is where things start to get a little more complicated. You see, binary trading brokers have a reputation for making a lot of money and not just from the trades that are made. Binary brokers will tell you that they need to verify your identity just so that they can hard sell you more products that they offer.

The brokers will begin by “verifying” your details and will then try to sell you training products and other up-sells designed to take more money from you. They will generally try to advise you that you shouldn’t trade under any circumstances without sufficient training, of course they will provide that at an extra cost.

Once you manage to get off the phone and you have activated your account, the software will then take care of your $250.

Most of the time, these software apps are nothing more than applications that are designed to randomly place trades, of course this leads to random results. Sometimes the software can actually look as though it’s actually doing as its supposed to. But in reality, because of the random way they work, you will lose your money.

Binary trading is very similar to gambling and there are no refunds for lost trades. And as we have already said, there are no refunds on free software either!

Final Verdict:

Keep clear of this software and remember how these scams work so that you are prepared in the future.

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If you have questions or comments please post them below and I will get right back to you!


Aaaah not those binary things again, lol..
Hello by the way, guess we all have seen those. Not that one, but similar.
Actually never tried, shiny objects are easy to fall for, but i stayed away from binary things.
Only buy software or plugins etc from trusted sources or that have money back guarantee:)
Thanks for an informative and helpful post Andrew:)
Keep up the good work.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. Yes this is one of those shiny object, binary trading software apps that should be avoided at all costs! I have tried binary trading before and have actually invested money into the online scams so that I could find out how they work. For anyone that is interested in making money online, this is definitely something that should not be tried. Although there are a few decent training packages online that teach the correct way of trading, the likes of the XTP App are worlds apart!

I come across so many of these Binary related softwares these days – especially advertised on PTC websites!
I think I’m still probably waiting to come across one that actually works!
Binary Options and certain types of forex are complex systems – you need trader exerpeince before you take either one on! I doubt there will ever be software clever enough to drill into these worldwide currency platforms

This is true, I will be the first in line when there is a binary options software application that comes close to getting it right. If there was a piece of software that could get it right most of the time, it would be worth a fortune. The software creators certainly wouldn’t be giving it away for free, that’s for sure!

Robert Allan says

Hello Andrew and a very good article on this particular kind of scam.
I have come across these ‘Once In A Lifetime Opportunities’ many times since I took up affiliate marketing.
Most of them a re very convincing and as you say with something that’s free the owners will get a lot of people looking and unfortunately a lot of them will take the bait.
They would of course be much better off with your number one recommendation where again it costs nothing to sign up but there the similarities end.
I believe someone once said – ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ – I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is the exception.
Robert Allan

Hi, thank you for your comment, yes some of these scams are really convincing. Wealthy Affiliate is free to start but the main objective with WA is to get you started for nothing as most people that are looking to earn money online don’t have a lot of it to start up a business. Plus WA want to show that they are the real deal and that they really know what they are talking about. Its a pretty good deal at zero cost.

Hello my name is Shiela and I just wanted to say thanks for telling us all about the xtp app and how it all works. This is very important for people to know as I think I had an email from these people about xtp and is said it was an easy way to win at binary options. Some people will fall for this I fear.

Quite right Shiela. Unfortunately some people will, but we can only try to get the word out there about these systems and hope that people share this post on their social networks.

Wow, I was really impressed by your review of XTP. I got an email yesterday but it didn’t say it XTP, it just said that I could make a lot of money and that this software was free. I’m really glad that I read your review here because the penny dropped when I looked at the site and I was a bit suspicious. That’s when I found your site and it told me all about it. So thanks very much. You saved me!

No problem Melani, that’s what I’m here for! Yes, that’s a good point actually, the emails and marketing attempts wont always name the product. Sometimes they just say that its free and its the greatest thing online at this moment.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for being so frank in your exposure of the Binary scam that is sucking the lifeblood of many unwitting persons. Your article is clearly written and to the point. How I wish that many persons will read this article and save themselves from those hungry wolves and pack of crooks!

Keep the fire burning, Andrew, and best wishes for your success in all your endeavors.

Hi Jem, I totally agree with you. However I fear that there won’t be enough people that actually see this review, or rather not enough. As soon as these scams go live there are mass marketing campaigns started immediately from thousands of affiliates. Some people unfortunately will not do any research and will take their offer at face value and believe every word that they say. Its sad but I can guarantee that lots of people will have already bought into this scam and made the creators of the software a little more richer.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis says

Oh no , not another automated binary options software.You are very right , it is going to be promoted like Hell.

There is no software to predict the movements of the binary market.If it existed then it would be offered online to the public.

Binaries needs strong knowledge , training , practice … and on top of that a character away from emotions and feelings.

Nice expose , I am getting sick of all these robots.Keep on nailing them

Hey, Thank you for that – Yeah these binary options scams just keep on rolling in. I’m on a bit of a mission at the moment to let people know how they work. There are a few exceptions but basically once you know how one works, with a bit of digging you can find out how they all work.

You are quite right about no software being able to predict binary options. I have a contact who is a bit of an expert in the field of binary trading and he has shown me how much even the top traders lose. They guys at the top in binary trading don’t use software, they study graphs and charts and make a lot of money sometimes, but they also lose at lot of money too. Its just like placing a bet in the bookies, you can do your research but you might still get it wrong!

Thanks for the input Tasos!

Glad to know I should steer clear of the XTP app and find other ways to make a living. I appreciate all the detailed information and step by step about XTP app in case I had already gotten involved with the XTP app. Good review and good to steer clear of it. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for getting in touch. I’m really pleased that this message has got through to a few people. I’m sure that a lot of people will still have been caught up in this rip off but at least the message is getting out there slowly. Thanks again!

Hi enjoyed your article on atp. I have often wondered what this binary thing was all about as I get loads of Emails from other companies telling me i can be a millionaire by the end of the month.
Your review was very well written easy to understand. I liked the way that you explained what binary options were all about I never really understood them and have been tempted thankfully I have resisted and thanks to your review I will never touch any binary option scheme.

I haven’t come across this company yet but I am regularly bombarded by Emails from other company’s offering similar things. I have wondered what they were all about but never got involved. After reading your review I think I will leave it well alone. Thanks for the review explaining what it actually was.

Yes, that’s the best advice that I can give, just stay away from these scams. the XTP App is just another in a long line of scummy software designed to rip you off.

Great review! I actually haven’t run across one of these scams yet. I am very glad that you have looked into it because I know that it can be an easy trap to fall into, especially for those that are already tight on cash. It is nice to understand how they put on the front of it actually working and how they really just steal your money.

Hey Bobby, thanks for your comment. There are loads of these scams about now and at least now you will know what to look out for. You might not have had an email promotion for one yet but lots of people have and its only a matter of time. These guys do things on a huge scale and unfortunately I know there will be lots of people that have fallen for this.

Andrew that was an excellent article that you wrote in your review of an App, supposedly dedicated to helping online business owners attract customers to any product that they would be marketing.
The dead giveaway to me, much as you made it clearly known when describing this product is the fact that it “supposedly” is for free.
“Gee golly willikers Ma Kettle that there sounds like a good deal to me”, states her husband Mr. Pa Kettle.
And a reason why there still are suckers out there who are so easily scammed. They become blinded by the word “FREE” and just know that they’ve bought into something that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams both quickly and easily.

Then you take the time to explain quite clearly to your readers WHY this app is exactly a scam.

Hopefully people who read your article regarding the subject matter will understand that they need to be very wary about “free” products. Some are malicious attempts to get people to buy into really garbage products that are anything but free.

Patrick Larkins says

Thank you for warning everyone about the XTP App, can’t believe these scams are still going online. I must say you have a very neat looking website. I like your theme, It’s pretty cool. Your format looks great also. Your posts are well written and look professional. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more from you.I would not change a thing except there are better social media widgets out there. That’s just me.

Thank you Patrick! I really appreciate you taking the time to post such complimentary words! I have now updated the social aspect of the site. So see what you think now?

Yeah, looks like a scam to me. I’ve heard of this term, binary trading before, and I heard that many times it might be a scam. I can’t figure how anyone in their right mind would put up $250 (!!) for some scheme they came across on the internet. Yeah, I get how it works. They suck you in slowly, first telling you it’s free and having you SOLD. THEN they demand money and Mr. Desperate falls for it. So sad.

It is sad, I agree! I will be writing a article on binary trading soon, so keep an eye out for that. Binary trading isn’t exactly a scam itself, its the fact that the binary companies offer very attractive affiliate programs and the scammers take advantage of that fact. I think most of the binary companies turn a blind eye to whats really happening, they are making sales at the end of the day.

XTP App Review

XTP App is a new binary options beta test product that requires traders to register with a binary options broker to get access to a trading system. This is very common in the binary options market, and generally these types of systems do not live up to their expectations.

Today I’ll be reviewing this product and letting the Binary Today readers discuss under the article whether or not we should move forward or approach this with skepticism.

XTP App Review

The XTP app website is as simple as they come. There is a short video, an email subscription form a members area with another short video and registration form. In the video the producers of the product tell us that the beta version of their software turned a tiny account into over $100,000. After this, we are told that this is not a lame get rich quick scheme, despite sounding and looking like one. Then they tell us that we have to deposit money with their recommended brokers because it’s only compatible with a few. The developers of this app say that they’ve gone undercover to expose trading industry scams and filter out the shady brokers. There is no proof of this anywhere on the site, just a claim in the video.

As the XTP App video goes on, my interest wanes. Now, I’m starting to see some live trades the developer is taking with the GTOptions brokerage. They show a few trades in a row on an account they say is live, this is not proven. After a few trades the video comes to a close. All that we’ve learned is that this system can win in a very small sample size. This doesn’t prove to me that it’s profitable, only that it has some potential.

I won’t be recommending XTP App to the binary today community until more information comes to the surface. I appreciate new product developers but generally not those that provide little to no information. I am not very impressed by the video and it doesn’t give me the confidence I need to take the next step. Please let me know what you think by writing a comment so we can discuss this system and decide if it’s worth our time as a team. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you spend more time here learning about my binary trading strategies.

XTP APP Scam is a Scam and Fraud

So here’s another review of fraudulent scam software and someone trying to get you to think that with €250 you can amass a wealth of €116, 852. Guys, please try to use common sense before risking your hard-earned money.

Now, I’m assuming that for a lot of you €250 is not a small amount of money, so instead of wasting on some quick cash scheme try to use it in a more constructive way – for example get career counseling, have your CV polished by a professional, or pay an HR company to find you a job suitable for your skills. Better yet, if you are in the entrepreneurial mood, try building a business plan, just make sure you consult the right people (start with friends and family first).

Now, a word to the wise, whenever you start getting a barrage of emails from various sources assume that your email is being passed around by various promoters. Some advertisers build their whole business just by soliciting your email and then passing it to other marketers who hammer out daily offers trying to get you to open an account and deposit with a binary options broker.

So, if this was a legitimate offer like buy an Adidas shoe online at a 10% discount that would be one thing. Because you know exactly what you are paying for and what you’re getting in return. In this scenario, the people behind the XT APP are offering you a way to make over 100K with a capital that covers a dinner for a family of 4.

That is the main issue I have behind people who promote the XT APP or similar “get rich quick schemes”, and the reason I take the time to write these reviews. It infuriates me to see how normal working people who can barely pay rent and feed their kids get swindled by these rogue online hooligans.

I’ve been receiving many emails about how you lost your money and the level of frustration you experience. The way to deal with this is learn and move on to make a serious change in your life. Stay close to your loved ones and don’t ever forget to tell them how much you love them, because in times of need these are the people who will be by your side and not the anonymous thieves who will disappear the second they understand they can’t milk you out of your money anymore.

Still, despite everything that is being said and done every now and then there is a good system that comes out and actually makes profits for the people using it. If you are interested in a really good signals tool I recommend the Steve Nichols’ Binary Profit Method system. It’s also integrated with honest and regulated brokers.

If you are interested in an automated trading solution I can recommend Virtnext, since it is a consistent performer and has gained a great reputation with both experienced as well as amateur traders. If you need any further tips or guidance concerning trading, (specifically contract types, asset selection, investment amounts, strategies, and brokers) feel free to contact me by leaving your details at the comment section and asking me directly what you need or want to know before getting your feet wet.

To conclude this review, the XTP app is pure SCAM software and if you really want to start profiting from binary options make sure you are using a regulated broker.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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